Apple adds new Watch bands including Nike+, and introduces new App ‘Clips’

The last of Apple’s updates announced today, alongside the PRODUCT RED iPhone 7 and iPad updates, begin with a collection of new Watch bands as well as a new App called Clips, which allows to create small videos and animations and quickly share them across Social media.

First up are the new collection of Apple Watch bands available for those with any Apple Watch, whether original 2015, Series 1 or Series 2. The new update includes three new colours for the Sports band and six new colours for the Woven Nylon, but our most excited update is that you can FINALLY get the Nike+ bands for your non-Nike+ Apple Watch. These include the White finish, the Black finish and the incredible looking Black / Volt finish with that incredible Black and Lime Green with Yellow tints combo.

What’s also great about all the new Watch bands is that they fall under the £49 bracket, which means they’re all fairly affordable and in our testing of all Apple Watch bands, they last as well.

Apple also today announced a new App which will be coming to iOS called Clips. The New Clips app allows you to create some rather creative looking Clips using text affects, video filters and affects and using AI to present your friends as well. Naturally you’ll be able to natively share your Clips via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Clips will also work with Messages in iOS 10.3.

Whilst no one really needs the Clips app, it’s definitely an interesting Application, though we’ll be able to see more of what it offers once it comes out.

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