Samsung begins teasing the Galaxy S8, set for March


Samsung’s 2017 flagship phones are about to move beyond mere rumor and speculation very soon as Samsung has begun teasing the arrival of the Galaxy S8 on March 29 through invites sent out to press, in addiiton to a teaser at the end of its Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference.

In it, the company invites customers to “unbox their phones,” an apparent reference to the Galaxy S8’s super-slim bezels. The launch event will take place in New York City, with satellite events likely to take place around the globe.

The teaser leaves a lot to the imagination, besides corners matching up with leaked images of the GS8 which have emerged in recent weeks. That’s the point, of course however this single image represents Samsung kicking off hype season for the GS8, its first major phone release since the ill-fated Note 7.

We certainly can’t wait to see what Samsung pulls off practically this time next month, we’ll just have to wait and see!

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