Nokia return with a trio of Android phones, and an old friend makes a comeback!

Nokia 6

Nokia are back, and they’re done with Windows Phone and returning with Android as their goal, with some nostalgia thrown in for good measure. But, clearly the main star of the show is indeed that Nokia 6 we’ve been teased about all this time.

There’s no denying that the device looks great, glass front with metal sides and a soft-touch back are almost exactly what you’d expect from Nokia in 2017, glass which houses the rather large 5.5 inch full-HD display, and with dual Front-firing speakers to highlight whatever content you choose to view on it with Dolby Atmos sound.

Nokia 6 colours

The Nokia 6 comes in 5 finishes, all shown above, all of which look incredibly sleek and we really can’t wait to check these out in the Stores as they hit the shelves soon.

The Nokia 6 features a decent 16MP Camera with dual-tone Flash, which Nokia claim will allow great photos in low-light, backed up by an 8MP front shooter.

The real interesting story about the Nokia 6, as well as the rest of the Nokia devices announced today is that they’re all running completely PURE Android Nougat, which Nokia brand as “pure, secure and up to date”. This is great especially as Motorola have begun slipping in that category since their Lenovo takeover. So it’s natural that all theses are running Android 7.1.1 Nougat and expect quick updates to the stock version of Android O once that arrives as well!

Where the Nokia 6 will likely disappoint most is in the specifications. Whilst we’re incredibly happy the company is back and with a clean Stock experience, this is the Nokia 6, the highlight device, and it’s powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor with 3GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 430 isn’t dreadful, but it puts this in the low-to-mid range sector, which is to be expected for it’s close to £200 price tag, but is admittedly disappointing as we’d love a power-house from the Company. The device also has 32GB in-built storage which naturally can be expanded by microSD. The device also supports Dual-SIM.

Nokia 5

Nokia 5

Nokia also announced the Nokia 5, a thinner and lighter variant of the Nokia 6, but still shares that incredible design language which even today just looks pure-Nokia. Like the Nokia 6, the 5 is also running a pure un-touched version of Android Nougat however the 5.2 inch panel is 720P HD, though does share a Fingerprint scanner like the 6 at the front.

The Nokia 5 features a, yet to prove itself, 13MP Camera with dual-tone Flash and an 8MP front Camera, which Nokia claim it’s good for Selfies though the shots we saw were far from impressive we’re afraid. The Camera does have phase detection so hopefully night shots should be still decent from the Camera.

However, whilst you’d expect the Nokia 5 to be slightly less of a Nokia 6, which true it is based on Camera and display, it too features a Snapdragon 430 as well, though only 16GB of internal storage which still includes Card expansion. Nokia interestingly were more set at mentioning the Nokia 5 has NFC as well interestingly. The Nokia 5 as well will also come with Dual-SIM support.

Nokia 3

Nokia 3

Which leaves the final Android powered device, the Nokia 3. Once again sharing most of the design language of both the 5 and 6, the Nokia 3 however is clearly the lower end variant of Nokia’s devices announced today. That however doesn’t affect the build as the Nokia 3 still has Gorilla Glass housing the 5 inch HD display as well as brushed aluminium sides and as plastic back.

The Nokia 3 features the same 8 megapixel Camera on the front and the back capable of HD recording and “great photos without compromise”, which again we’ll have to see.

Once again, the Nokia 3 will feature a pure untouched version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat with fast updates promised, which for a device of this expected price point is actually an incredibly good selling point.

The Nokia 3 disappoints however in the hardware front after that, you’ve a MediaTek 6737 Quad Core processor with just 2GB of RAM, so this is definitely a phone for those who literally just want a Smartphone for the basics.

Nokia 3310 is back … or at least by name!

Nokia 3310 2017

Whilst it’s using the Nokia 3310 name, it’s clear this is a far cry from the device we all remember, but that’s more than fair enough as it naturally was going to require a 2017 touch to it, however the things you loved about the Nokia 3310 remain, including the incredibly long battery life, claimed to be up a MONTH, four colours to choose from which do (to be fair) resemble to dual colour layout of the classic 3310, and of course the return of the classic game Snake!

The 3310 does however feature some new features as it makes its way with its redesign, starting with a 2.4 inch colour display, something called Bluetooth and a round area which you can use to save things as Pictures … we’re kidding of course, but it’s great to see more added flair to the 3310.

Thankfully, or not if you’ve still got a working one lying around, the new 3310 charges using micro-USB, though with that entire month battery life estimation, it’s rare you’ll need to.

The Camera on the 3310 is a 2MP affair, but also features an LED flash. Whilst the device only has 16MB, yes MB, it will take up to 32GB via a microSD Card slot where you can store Music to play through it’s MP3 player with 3.5mm headphone jack, or you’ve an FM Radio if you prefer.

The Nokia 3310 is expected to go on sale for barely £50, so it should be a decent buy for those looking for a basic long-lasting phone, with that hint of nostalgia.

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