LG announces the LG G6, no gimmicks just a decent high end Smartphone


Compared to last years LG G5, the G6 feels like almost an entirely different LG, gone are the risk taking gimmicks such as modular, and in comes a premium built attractive Smartphone, which honestly they should be focused on anyway.

Unlike the G5, the G6’s hardware is crafted around a vast improved build of metal and glass. The glass is on both the front and the back meaning it will be very reflective and do expect to see every fingerprint of prying users around the device, but we’re used to this already with Samsung’s latest devices, and thankfully it’s not as bad as HTC’s U series.

LG G6 display

To say LG have kept everything rather traditional to forgive the G5 days isn’t entirely true however thanks to the display. This is a very tall display, in fact it works out as just about 18:9 aspect ratio, meaning it really rises up there, which is great for content viewing and scrolling around the Android Nougat experience, but do be weary that when you do play videos in 16:9, you will get some letter boxing.

That 5.7 inch (2880 x 1440) display display however is crafted in to the design rather nicely, with curved edges at every corner which really do look very good, though annoyingly they’re not entirely flush which does ruin the experience slightly.

Other than that display however, the LG G6 is everything you’d expect from a G5 or V20 successor, you still have the super-wide angle dual-Cameras at the back, which honestly are the best we’ve seen so far in 2017. The G6 offers a 13MP traditional and wide Camera set up and a 5MP front unit.

Oddly some really requested features such as the Audio DAC that have been a bit hit from the V20 is exclusive to certain Asia markets, and Wireless Charging (for whatever reason) is US exclusive … so unfortunately LG clearly seems to have had to bow down to Carrier and market exclusivities with its recent dip in sales which is rather annoying.

One feature which didn’t make the cut is IP68 Water and Dust resistance which is nice to finally see in an LG, though that does see the end of replacing that battery. The LG G6 is the Google Assistant, making it’s way to the first phone since the Google Pixel. The Assistant works exactly the same as it does on the Pixel and this naturally paves the way for more devices to get the Assistant too. Do know, coming from our Pixel review that in most cases Google Now will be pretty much the same.

The LG G6 is powered by the Snapdragon 821, as the 835 literally isn’t available yet, powered by 4GB of RAM, and comes with 32GB on in-built storage with Card expansion. It remains to be seen whether this and the whole other feat of 821 powered Smartphones will cut it as you run through a Contract, but that’s what annoying stupid deals bring, so you can blame Qualcomm palying with Samsung for that.

Overall though, the G6 is a clear step in the right direction for LG. The software is still the worst skin out there for Android, but there’s a lot of improvements so it’s not quite terrible, but not far off.

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