Samsung’s Exynos 8895, expected in the Galaxy S8 now official!

Samsung Exynos 8895

Whilst Samsung have announced, last year in fact, that it would be partnering with Qualcomm to build the SnapDragon 835 on it’s new 10nm FinFET process, that hasn’t stopped the company continuing work on it’s own Exynos processors, in this case the new Exynos 8895.

Compared to Samsung’s previous Exynos processors, the 8895 is expected to deliver 27% greater performance power, but also consume 40% less energy, which is very important for the ever battery conscious market out there.

Whilst recent SnapDragon and Exynos processors have returned to Quad Core, the 8895 offers an Octa-Core CPU with four second-gem custom cord built to take care of performance, as well as four energy-efficient Cortex A53 cores for low-power tasks which need the least horse-power.

On the graphics front, the ARM Mali-G71 GPU will offer “next level 3D graphic performance”, obviously, though time will tell on that, though using the Galaxy S7 as an example, Graphics was much better on the Exynos version than the Qualcomm so we will be very interested to see this in the Galaxy S8, especially as we’re in a Exynos region! Other benefits include Gigabit LTE model with up to 1GBps download and 150Mbps upload speeds on the Wireless front.

On the Camera front, performance of the Chip will allow 4K video recording and playback at an insane 120fps, as well as VR improvements for upscaling abilities up to 4K, which is great in the ever growing VR market. The chipset supports 28MP front and rear cameras, as well as 28MP+16MP dual-camera setups, don’t expect that combination like, that’s just it’s max support.

The Exynos 8895 is currently in mass production, and is likely to make its way into the global variants of the Galaxy S8.

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