Microsoft aiming to take on Chromebooks with Windows 10 ‘Cloud’

© Microsoft Corporation
© Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft clearly has had a majority share of the Computer market over the last collection of decades with their Windows platform, however that’s not gonna stop competitors coming in to steal that crown in multiple markets.

Whilst Microsoft has always had competition from Apple in the Desktop market with Mac OS X, now macOS, but there’s a bigger threat in town which of course is Google.

ChromebookGoogle has had some decent success with their Chromebook line of Computers in mainstream markets such as the UK and US, however nothing much to write home about … however, dive a little deeper and you’ll find that Chromebooks are actually doing much better than it would seem especially in the education market as well as low-cost markets, both areas where both Apple and Microsoft are suddenly losing in.

Chromebooks outsold Apple Mac computers in the US for the first time last year and when it comes to the low-end market, any Chromebook can deliver an acceptable constantly up to date experience. Whilst naturally you’re likely thinking little of this as there’s no real Apps on a Chromebook, but the fact of the matter is, most people do everything online anyway! And its that which has sealed the Chromebook its ever growing position.

Not a mainstream threat … yet


Whilst Microsoft has seen decent success with Windows 10, in many ways Windows is the reason for the loss in share compared to Chromebooks and that’s where, reportedly, Microsoft is aiming to alleviate with Windows 10 Cloud.

Where with a PC you’ve to maintain it every so often, protection required, updates required … with a Chromebook it’s done for you without you even seeing it happen. The platform is simple as well, essentially being a Browser and web-apps, which as we mentioned is most of the time all people need and that’s the point.

What is Windows 10 Cloud

Well, for starters, that’s not the name of it, but that’s essentially how it’s going to be, a cloud managed OS which keeps everything up to date and secure, however Microsoft is hoping that by including App support from the UWP apps from the Windows Store, similar to how Windows RT used to work, it will give the platform that extra edge not YET in Chrome OS.

The problem with the Windows 10 Cloud offering, is simply that Microsoft have already tried this somewhat before and found very little success, in fact the total opposite, which is a shame as it literally offers a much better solution than Chromebooks have, by incorporating their solutions plus more;

  1. Secure platform not susceptible to Windows viruses and malware
  2. Great performance on lower end hardware, meaning low cost
  3. Ability to run Store apps such as Microsoft Office
  4. Full browsing capabilities through Microsoft Edge, and/or IE12 for corporate compatibility

As for now though, that’s all we know about the Windows 10 Cloud SKUs, whether it becomes Windows RT 2.0 is to be seen in terms of both features and success, but one thing which will be different which we think could lead to a much greater success, is it will be marketed as a better Chromebook competitor which it will literally have down to a T.

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