Dell announces an all new 8K display!

dell up3218k 8K monitor

Whilst most of the world may only just be beginning to adopt 4K displays, Dell is already on to the next thing, skipping past Apple’s 5K iMac and going straight up to 8K. The, beautifully named, ‘Dell UP3218K’, packs a whopping 33.2 million pixels into its 32-inch display, making for a PPI of 280 ppi. Remember, that’s a resolution of 7680×4320!

The Dell UP3218K Monitor will be powered by the also announced HDMI 2.1, which offers Dynamic HDR and of course native support for 8K resolution.

In addition to its 8K display, the UP3218K can display a total of 1.07 billion colors, the company says. That’s all thanks to Dell’s PremierColor tech, which should make the UP3218K incredibly accurate. Unfortunately, this display is likely far out of the price range of most consumers, coming in at a whopping $5,000. If you’ve that to spend, March 31st is when to make your order.


Dell also announced a collection of more traditional monitors supporting the similar design at the 1080p resolution line, which will be available from February 23rd. Prices, unfortunately are only in US Dollars for now;

  • S2218H – $199.99
  • S2318HX – $219.99
  • S2418HX – $289.99
  • S2718HX – $379.99

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