Blackberry tease an, as of yet, nameless phone at CES 2017

Blackberry mercury

Blackberry … yes that Blackberry, have, I think it’s fair to say, a rough few years of late, but throughout it all they’ve kept true to their guns, and whilst the PRIV was a step in the right direction but no enough, the company is hoping literally sticking to it’s guns again will help … again. That’s yet to be seen, but we’ll have to see to be fair.

Just like the lesser interesting DTEK50 and DTEK60 Smartphones, the new Blackberry shown above is too made by Chinese company TCL, who also made Smartphones for Alcatel, hence those similarities, however you’d never guess it with this Blackberry which is refreshing to see.

You may have notice us referring it to, this Blackberry, and shown above, that’s because this literally has no name, yet. The tech world is simply branding it as the Blackberry Mercury as it matches almost identically the leaked designs of that name, but when do you see codenames become actual names. The real name will naturally come following it’s release soon in 2017.

Very few got to play around with this Blackberry at CES 2017, and those who were able to were limited with what they could do as the software is FAR from ready for primetime, but it’s clear this is a sequel to the PRIV in every way following suit from the DTEK Smartphones as well in terms of business security.

And it’s not just the name that’s unknown about the device at the moment, most everything about the handset is a mystery for now – specs, software, additional features, etc. TCL and BlackBerry are staying pretty quiet about the handset at the moment, but we were able to get a good look at the hardware, so we know things based on pure use of our eyes.

The device appears to have an AMOLED Panel just like the PRIV which looks great, with a very Blackberry feeling keyboard at the bottom, which in it’s spacebar has a Fingerprint scanner which is rather cleverly implemented. And yes, you can still scroll through content using the keyboard area as well which remains a great convenience.

You’ve the same “shortcut” key on the side, and a USB Type-C port, which is flanked by two speaker grills. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the device.

TCL says the upcoming phone is focused on three core features: security (of course), productivity and reliability. Boasting about unparalleled mobile security and software expertise, the company says its upcoming smartphone will offer “the most complete end-to-end smartphone security available on Android.

While the phone is an enterprise-focused device through and through, it’ll also be sold unlocked in carrier and retail stores for folks who want to take smartphone security more seriously. TCL and BlackBerry aren’t only focused on business customers, though. The company says it’s currently working on a consumer-focused smartphone that’s slated for release sometime in 2018, the question remains as to whether folks still want a Blackberry in 2017.

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