Apple shares record iOS 10 adoption rate, as well as large share price growth, as Samsung scraps Note 7


After the charade of the Galaxy Note 7, it’s clear that someone was bound to feel the benefit and that someone seems to be Apple, as the company had a lot of positives to share, including their highest share price ever for 2016 and some very healthy iOS 10 adoption numbers.

iOS 10 adoption Oct 16

Since it’s launch not much more than 2 weeks, iOS 10 has become the first major release of the platform to top over 50% adoption in that time frame. Apple reported that, since October 7th, iOS 10 had reached 54% of devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

That’s not to say iOS 10 didn’t have a rough start, with some early installation issues, more so with the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro models, which were fixed within an hour of launch, though things went smoothly since then.

However, in relation to the sudden growth in iOS during the start of October, likely helping initial disappointing iPhone 7 sales, it’s clear that Samsung’s now ruined reputation could be behind most of this. Though it will be interesting to see how the market reacts after the boom of the Note 7, no pun intended. We will be more interested whether this will not only sway customers to the iPhone 7, but more if customers will try out Google’s Pixel Phone, or others in the Android space instead.

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