As two new separate cases of Note 7 replacements exploding, we ask is it worth it anymore?

Galaxy Note 7 press

The drama seemingly is set to continue with the Galaxy Note 7, whereas the Note 7 recall was meant to fix the problems, it clearly hasn’t.

We reportedly previously of an incident on a plane with a replaced Note 7 unit continued the same problems, but naturally you’d think maybe it’s an isolated incident… well, clearly not as two more cases have been reported. This, on top of a straight up ban by the Royal Mail here in the UK, and Carriers very likely to drop the device from sale, ouch.

Incident in Minnesota


A report from St. Paul’s KSTP News says another replacement Galaxy Note 7 has been involved in an incident in Farmington Minnesota.

According to the report, a thirteen year old (who in our opinion is a bit young for a phone, but that’s just us) named Abby Zuis, was actually holding and using her Note 7 when she felt a strange burning sensation. When, naturally, dropping the device to the floor, it smoked to the point and melted through the protective case it was wearing (shown above in red).

The image, shown above, shows the typical split-body and burn markings, we’ve previously seen from Note 7 exploding.

Whilst Abby Zuis didn’t face any major injuries, she did experience a small burn on her thumb.

The device was apparently originally purchased closely after it’s launch in August, then exchanged on September 21st.

Samsung did make a statement to KSTP News;

“We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously and we are engaged with the Zuis family to ensure we are doing everything we can for them and their daughter”

They then confirmed that the incident is under investigation, and have been in contact with the Zuis family.

Incident in Kentucky


But, it’s not over, another incident in the space of 24 hours happened in Lexington, where an owner by the name of Michael Klerling reported that last Tuesday morning, after waking early morning to a hissing sound in his bedroom, where the device was placed and not used, he found his Note 7 was filled in foul-smelling smoke.

Interestingly, the Note 7 was both not being used, or even on charge, this device was simply on standby. The device, too, was a replacement unit, and presumed “safe” to use.

Naturally after breathing in some of the smoke, he was taken to an emergency room suffering from vomiting black. The hospital diagnosed with acute bronchitis. The local fire department was also contacted due to the smoke inhalation.

Samsung, too, have been in contact with Michael Klerling surrounding the issue as well.

After both of these stories have immerged we must ask, who’s going to seriously purchase a Galaxy Note going forward now? The brand is practically damaged beyond repair, this comes just over 3 months to when Samsung are likely to release the Galaxy S8, as they typically do at CES.

Will you still be purchasing, or continuing to use, a Galaxy Note 7. Let us know below. However, in light of the issue, we feel it is now wrong to list the Note 7 as our top pick in our Top 5 and will be changing it accordingly.


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As two new separate cases of Note 7 replacements exploding, we ask is it worth it anymore?

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