Android and Chrome OS set to merge in to Andromeda? (UPDATE: Or not…)

Play Store running on both Android and Chrome OS
Play Store running on both Android and Chrome OS

UPDATE: At Google’s event, we saw no mention of the sort of Chrome OS, though we’re not ruling it out, it’s fair to say the expectations aren’t true. (for now)

On paper it makes sense, and in reality it’s being happening before our eyes, but will it really happen? Of course we’re talking about the possibility of Google merging Android and Chrome together in to what allegedly would be known as Andromeda.

When Google earlier this year premiered the Google Play Store on to certain Chrome OS devices, it was obvious they weren’t going to just leave it there, the implantation for starters was shaky at best, but the foundations were there and proven to work, so it’s natural Google would want to step this up a notch.

You probably recognise the word ‘Andromeda’, if you’re either a Sci-fi buff or just know about Stars, but in this instance if you’re an eager eyed viewer will notice Andromeda as well as Andromeda, Android and Chrome are essentially in the word itself already!

The “Pixel” brand

Google Pixel C Keyboard

The first time Google premiered the Pixel brand was with this, the Google Pixel C, which minus being a very decent Android 2-in-1 tablet, wasn’t anything major on paper, it had an attractive Bluetooth keyboard option which connected and charged magnetically to the device and run stock Android, but it’s clear that Google want to take the Pixel brand much further than some Tablet.

We also saw hints of the Pixel name in another Google product, this time running Chrome OS with the Chromebook…yep, the Chromebook Pixel.

Chromebook Pixel 2015

The Chromebook Pixel was introduced in 2015 as a more than premium Chromebook, even today still retailing for close to the £799 original asking price. Unlike traditional Chromebooks however, the Pixel had a high resolution touchscreen display and a very premium build and Intel’s latest *at the time* Core series of processors.

It is interesting though, how Google have already used the Pixel brand in Android and Chrome previously, but of course the next focus will be phones.

Gone is Nexus, in comes Pixel?

At Google’s upcoming October Event, they’re expected to announce Google branded products for the very first time, says mainstream media, even though we’ve shown two examples of them doing it before, but in terms of an expected Smartphone that much is possible, however their remains talk of an HTC device coming around the corner as well, so that much is still up in the air.

Of course we’ll be hot on the heads of the Google Event and will have a full written write up of everything Google announce.

What could Andromeda mean for you?

Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Play definitely had a lot to say about the announcement coming up at Google’s Event, going as far as to say it’s going to be the biggest change since the original release of Android itself, so its going to be big!

But, at the end of the day, how will it affect you?


If you’re currently running Android on any of the awesome Android devices available, you’ve a lot to look forward to in terms of some great new features and options coming from Google’s Event, but in terms of how it will effect you going forward, Android is likely to still remain the same, but will work very closely with what we today know as Chrome OS, similar to how Apple’s iOS devices work closely with Macs, something we’ve been very eager to see someone else to do, especially as Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand the word ecosystem.


First of all, congratulations, you’re the first I’ve known to have a Chromebook, but this really is where everything is changing. Google are expected to announce a successor to the Chromebook Pixel we showed above, but it won’t be running Chrome OS, it’ll be essentially running Android!

Now, before you say we’ve seen that before, we know there’s a collection of Android Laptops out there, heck we loved the Lenovo Yoga Book from IFA, but that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about an operating system built for the Desktop using Android technologies and running native applications, essentially a brand new Desktop operating system to rival Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS, and it’s about time someone stepped in to that as it’s been getting pretty stale based on Windows 10 and Sierra. For this reason alone, it will be worth keeping tabs on the Google Event.


At the end of the day, this is all speculation, it’s all rumour, but with the hype Google execs are giving this Event, over the norm, and with the rather nothing announcements from Google I/O, it makes sense for something big to be coming and this really would be as historic as Hiroshi Lockheimer claims.

But, still, we can only speculate, all we can do now is wait patiently for Googles Event literally next week on Tuesday October 4th.

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