Samsung adds new Green Battery Icon to “Safe to use” Galaxy Note 7 Units

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you still have one of the original shipped Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, for one you are stupid and should have it replaced by now so do that for your own safety, you will notice in the latest update sent to all Note 7 devices a change in the Battery reporting.

Samsung have confirmed that Galaxy Note 7 devices which have been exchanged have entirely different batteries, all of which have been confirmed as safe in comparison to the ones with the fault, and as such if you have one of the newer “safe” models, the battery icon will be consistently Green in the status bar, rather than the white/grey text of everything else.


However, like many Android users, you may have customised the Launcher of your Galaxy Note 7, so alternatively you can also find the same extra Battery notification much clearer in the Power Off screen. Whereas before you’d simply have ‘Power Off’, ‘Restart’ and Emergency Mode (in supported regions), with the new update on the “safe” models, you will now see a new Battery section at the top.


It’s very clear that Samsung is doing everything it possibly can to not only assure Galaxy Note 7 users who have stuck with Samsung through the exchange, but those who were previously considering the Galaxy Note 7 before the controversy, and now with much better competition from the likes of the iPhone 7 and LG V20, Samsung still have a fight on their hands.

“Some Note 7 fires were fake”, says Samsung?

HOWEVER, one way not to convince customers around the globe is to brand them all as liars, as Samsung have essentially done if a report by ZDNet is to be believed. Samsung claims a total of 26 devices affected devices were put on fire deliberately, or the reports of the Note 7 itself getting on fire were fake.

Samsung listed which countries this attributed to;

  • USA – 9
  • South Korea – 3
  • France – 2
  • UK – 1
  • Canada – 1
  • Singapore – 1
  • Turkey – 1
  • Vietnam – 1
  • Croatia – 1
  • Romania – 1
  • Iraq – 1
  • Lebanon – 1
  • United Arab Emirates – 1
  • Czech Republic – 1

Whilst naturally some people do take advantage of re-calls for their own selfish ways, branding the mass of Note 7 users who’ve experienced fires caused by their devices as “fake”, ain’t the way to do it, and seriously hampers the otherwise very valiant effort by Samsung to sort the Galaxy Note 7 problem out as soon as possible.

The Galaxy Note 7 recall is expected to cost Samsung over $1 billion USD, making it one of the largest cost recalls in Smartphone history, but the company have done everything in their power to help their users as soon as possible, compensating those effected possible to contact and issued an immediate recall.

Samsung have also limited the Battery capacity of the broken Note 7 devices to max out at 80% in hope to aid their users who choose to continue using the phone during the wait for safe recall units.


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Samsung adds new Green Battery Icon to “Safe to use” Galaxy Note 7 units

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