How to fix web-based HTML5 Safari Extensions such as ClickToFlash in macOS Sierra

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Since Safari 5, Apple’s Safari web browser finally introduced the ability to use Extensions, however with Safari 10 on macOS Sierra some people have been noticing a few incompatibility issues, or what seemed like, with Flash based extensions such as the popular ClickToFlash, many, including ourselves, noticed they stopped working in Safari 10.

In our example of using ClickToFlash, when enabled instead of showing the Flash killer player it just shows a Black rectangle where the player should be, right clicking displays ClickToFlash Settings as if it had loaded, the problem is with the Plug-in changes in Sierra.

Change in Plug-ins

Safari is the industry leader in battery saving out of all available browsers on the Mac, and if it was still on Windows as well would be a real competitor, however their are a few steps too far browsers can go, and it’s this which is causing a few niggles with Extensions.


By default in macOS Sierra plug-ins such as Adobe Flash are not only disabled, but in fact blocked by default in favour of HTML5. Whilst most websites today thankfully are ridding of Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5, Extensions such as ClickToFlash require Flash to be installed to actually work, though with Safari 10 they now also require enabling.

Once enabled you then have an extra option for each plug, ‘When visiting other websites:‘, which can be either ‘On’, ‘Ask’, or as it is by default ‘Off’.

Selecting ‘On’ will then allow web-based Extensions to perform exactly as they did back in OS X El Capitan, as Apple have assured us that Extension compatibility has not been affected in Sierra when compared to El Capitan and Safari 9.



Hopefully this solves any Safari Extension problems in Sierra, this brings us back to when El Capitan prevented DVD Ripping, but it’s one of those niggles which are fixable when you know how.

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