Apple iPhone 7 Durability Overview


When you purchase a new Smartphone, especially one with a premium price tag, you’re sure to want to protect that Smartphone from any unintentional harm, but at what point is protection necessary and how much can the iPhone 7 actually take?


Physical Damage

In terms of durability against physical damage, the iPhone 7 matches that of the iPhone 6S it proceeds, the materials are the same, and so behave the same in terms of any drops or rustles in the pocket if its not alone in there.

However, it’s worth noting that the Jet Black iPhone 7 models are the exception. Unlike the Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold finishes, the Jet Black is completely anodised and essentially glossed, but unlike glossy plastic designs which we’ve seen in the past by Nokia Lumia devices using Polycarbonate, glossy Metal doesn’t really work well AT ALL in a durability stand point.

To make our point clear about the iPhone 7 Jet Black’s durability problems, it’s worth checking out ‘EverythingApplePro’ video below showing just how little it takes to scratch permanently an iPhone 7 Jet Black

iPhone 7 Scratch Test! Knife vs Jet Black, Matte Black & Rose Gold


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

Whilst it’s clear that the Rose Gold will be identical to the Silver and regular Gold in terms of durability as that’s the same manufacturing process, the Matte Black favoured very well thanks to it being black and hiding a collection of scratches, but when it comes to the Jet Black, it takes near to nothing to have permanent scratches!

Water Damage

The iPhone 7 introduced a number of new features above the iPhone 6S is replaces, though one everyone is talking about is IP67 Water and Dust Resistance. Though it is worth noting that IP67 is lower than the typical IP68 standard found in Sony’s Xperia Smartphones and Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices, meaning that ON PAPER the iPhone 7 is more light splash proof rather than whoops it’s in the bath proof, right??

Wrong. Turns out Apple’s IP67 claims are far more lenient than they would seem, as when put to the test in a number of Water resistance tests, the iPhone 7 actually ended up BEATING an IP68 device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

For this we’ve two examples of the iPhone 7 taking Water damage very well, the first is typical, its light it’s fresh water, the second though it’s taken one step even further.

iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

This test is just the beginning and is absolutely incredible to see just how much water and safely mind you, the iPhone 7 takes to not only water, but the ocean. Naturally, we still don’t recommend actually swimming with your new shiny (or not with Matte) iPhone 7, though it’s clear to see that Apple has more than been lenient with the IP67 rating.

But, let’s step it up a notch, above was the iPhone 7 surviving a bit of water, so, minus the ocean water, it’s probably to be expected having a water rating it would survive that, so how about deep water … no, how about as deep as you can go versus the Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7 vs S7 DEEP Water Test! How Deep Before It Dies?


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

This video has gone viral and we ain’t surprised, this shows just how incredible the iPhone 7 really is in terms of water resistance, beating out even a Galaxy S7 which has a higher IP rating of IP68 … should we just assume then that the iPhone 7 is IP68 in disguise?

Bend Test

Since the infamous situation with the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014, it’s become the new norm to test bend-ability of Smartphones, even though even the iPhone 6 Plus wouldn’t bend in usual circumstance. Whilst the iPhone 6S did more or less fix the problem by using much greater series aluminium, that’s not stopped the tests continue. But, how does the iPhone 7 match against last years iPhone 6S?

iPhone 7 vs 6S BEND Test!


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

Whilst we think it’s doubtful any bending of any Smartphone, people want it and here it is.

Best iPhone 7 for Durability

If you find yourselves, not damaging your phones but, occasionally knocking your devices accidentally (it happens) then naturally you’re going to want the iPhone 7 which is best for durability. Naturally you could put a case on, but if you don’t want to these are our recommendations;

  1. Avoid Jet Black: We think we’ve made it more than clear in that video at the top of this post that the Jet Black iPhone 7 models are far too sensitive to even the lightest impact.
  2. The Smaller iPhone 7 rather than iPhone 7 Plus: Whilst yes the materials are exactly the same so this may make no sense at first, the larger the Smartphone, the more prone to unintentional impact you’re going to find. Plus, any hardware of a greater scale will take impact more.
  3. Go Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold: Just to finish where we started on the first point, stick with regular aluminium finishes.

In terms of dropping your Smartphone though, we do have a drop test for you to check out.

iPhone 7 vs 6S Drop Test!


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

As you can see from the Drop Test, yet again incredible results for the iPhone 7 versus the iPhone 6S. Again, your millage may vary, in fact will always vary, some people have the luck of one carpet drop and screen cracks, to the same phone surviving concrete, but in this test at least, iPhone 7 tops out.

Just as a bonus, we thought it was pretty cool (get it) that there’s even an iPhone 7 Ice Block Drop Test, which you can find below.

Frozen iPhone 7 Ice Block Drop Test – Can It Survive 50 Feet?


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

OK, we’re reaching the extreme here, but we thought we’d add it for good measure. Amazingly physically the iPhone 7 did survive, though did not power on. However it’s worth noting that like all electronics their is a temperature period where they will not power on and it would naturally be much below that, so we’re interested as to whether it would have powered on after it regained room temperature.

Scuba Diving With iPhone 7! How Deep Without a Case?


Video provided by EverythingApplePro on YouTube.

iPhone 7 Performance Test

Whilst many may not attribute performance of a Smartphone as durability, we do, using your phone on a daily basis you’re going to be pushing app after app, service after service and want it to work as fast as possible, so here it is, the Performance Test.

Naturally the iPhone 7 is going to be faster than last years iPhone 6S, wo-hoo well done Apple, but in terms of this performance test it’s best to pop it up against the top performer in the Android space, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy Note 7 Speed Test


Video provided by PhoneBuff on YouTube.

It’s worth noting, if you’ve watch the video, that even last years iPhone 6S was favourable against the Note 7, and now it’s clear to see that Apple is just ahead of the pack in terms of the iPhone 7, which is incredible.


But, there you have it, that’s the iPhone 7 Durability Report, and I think it’s fair to say it’s past them with flying colours, obviously we went further than most would, but hey nothing is indestructible!





PASS = ICE for good measure



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