Google launches ‘Duo’, at least in US, adding further confusion on their IM platform strategy


Google, today, have finally outed the first of the two applications shown off at this years Google IO, video calling application and service, Duo.

Duo is a video calling application, whereas the other of the two applications, Allo, is for instant messaging, because we’ve not got enough of those already right? The way Duo attempts to be different from the rest, is that whilst you are making a Call to someone they can see you before they even answer … and people wonder why Google get’s all the privacy criticism. It’s not a feature which we think will bring anyone new to the platform who are already settled on their own, but being stock and out of the box can’t help the user base reach a decent amount.

The big confusion of why these applications even exist derives around the fact that even Google’s own Hangouts application can do the base of what both these applications do, IM + video calling, so why not just update and improve what’s already there, well only Google has the reasons why they didn’t take that route, we though think it’s very stupid and pointless.

But, of course that is to be seen whether that will affect Hangouts the way it is now, whether there’s to be an inevitable merge, or the silly reality that the applications will remain today in this cluster of confusion which they are becoming.

Of course both applications are launching on both Apple iOS and naturally Android, will they make people switch from competition, we doubt it, but they add up to the massive competition but at the end of the day all IM platforms need one thing and one thing alone, everyone to use them, once you’ve settled on one, it’s doubtful people are just going to switch.

You can grab Duo for your Android or iOS device from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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