Microsoft’s Phone Marketshare reaches new low – now <1% Marketshare!

Windows Phone 7
Back in 2010, Microsoft re-invented their mobile efforts of Windows Mobile, which was getting more than stale, and out popped a fresh new approach, Windows Phone.

Windows Phone debuted the Modern UI (formerly MetroUI, but Germans Patent trolls said no), a fresh new approach for mobile phones. The interface was bold and live, debuting Live Tiles, a new form of App Icons which double as sources of information from the Applications themselves in aid to make every Windows Phone unique.

Whilst Windows Phone has more than had it’s shortcomings over the years, it’s always being that fresh approach that everyone was looking for, whilst iOS and Android continued the status quo (true even today), Microsoft dared to try something new and it was nice to see.

Why Windows Phone failed?

The answer may be obvious, and sure it’s still around, Microsoft have Windows 10 Mobile devices around … isn’t that name just great, but the reasons for Windows Phone’s downfall haven’t all been entirely just the devs, or lack their off….

1. Apps

…but it didn’t exactly help proceedings. Yeah, in 2011 it was Instagram, in 2013 it was Snapchat, now it’s Pokémon GO, there’s always an application wanted by the Windows Phone community, and either the likely hood was that the app would never arrive, or if it did it would be a dreadful port.

2. Microsoft themselves

When Windows Phone 7 launched, it was a slow starter, which was naturally accellarated by Nokia when they joined the fray with the Lumia 710 and 800. However, Microsoft clearly just has never cared about the Windows Phone platform, whether it’s the lack of marketing, no help to bring Applications to the platform, to a very big reason we’ll get to next.

3. Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 was quite frankly the last version of Windows Phone which was good, seriously. Update 2 delivered a re-done Settings menu and refined a few bugs, but Windows 10 Mobile is a whole new thing.

Gone is the Modern UI, minus the much reduced in functionality Start screen, the UI and UX is dreadfully inconsistent and generally just looks terrible and is very clunky. Then, when Microsoft needed to sell the platform with a great flagship, they decided to rid the Nokia brand which was stupid, then release probably the worst flagship ever, the Lumia 950.

So, Windows 10 Mobile is a buggy messy inconsistent clunky platform, and to highlight and to make you want the platform, is a cheap looking plastic overpriced average smartphone … And you felt the need to ask why Windows “phone” is dying.

What’s next?

Of course Microsoft still have Windows 10 Mobile devices on sale, in fact a new HP device is coming soon, which would have been nice at launch instead of that devastating Lumia 950.

But, now that Windows 10 Mobile has reached a low of just 1% Marketshare, which is already affecting support by accessory manufacturers such as MOZO, and even companies who have previously made Windows Phone devices.

Will Microsoft keep is around? Of course they will, Continuum is the big feature which only Microsoft could pair with Windows 10, it’s just a shame that everything else is bad, but it’s clear to see without people getting Windows 10 Mobile devices, the end surely is near.


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