A ‘Google’ Phone and Watch rumoured?!

Google logo

Google has always being a strange company, however if current new rumours are to be believed, they’re going to begin to be a very confusing company too.

To get in to why the rumours of a ‘Google Phone’ and a ‘Google Watch’ is such as confusing predicament, quickly looking in to how Google’s current provides products.

Through the Google Nexus program, Google works with manufacturers to deliver what they believe is the best way to showcase the pure Google experience on that product, similar to how Chromebooks do for Chrome OS, but when Google releases a branded product such as the Google Pixel C, this is when Google themselves enter their own market instead of a manufacturer. Whilst the Pixel C has hardly been a big seller, Google themselves oddly became a competitor in their own ecosystem of OEMs which is why rumours of a Google Phone and Watch, really doesn’t make sense.

Google Phone?

One of probably the most biggest rumour is of a Google branded phone, this would be the first time an Android phone has being made by Google, meaning Google would (similar to Apple) provide both the hardware and the software. Naturally, this would be a good thing if Google do it right as this would be one instance where Google could have full control and have a major impact on the future of Android devices similar to what Microsoft did to the PC industry with the Surface, whether or not Google do this will be interesting, hopefully so.

Google Watch?

Possible Google Watch

When it comes to the rumoured Google Watch, this is one instance where we actually have some leaked images of the proposed Google Watch as well as the alleged Watch face Google will likely have set by default.

The problem however with a Google Watch, especially based on how the Watch looks in the leaks, is that it’s likely to run Android Wear which in itself is a platform which can’t be changed that much by OEMs so it’s going to be interesting to see what Google can do to differentiate as when it’s something needed in the Android Wear space.

Honestly, we’d prefer it if Google worked harder on Android Wear than producing their own Watch, as if we were to do a comparison between the Apple Watch, Pebble, Samsung Gear, heck Microsoft Band why not, against Android Wear … Android Wear would lose the battle of features and functionality, it needs major work. Of course Google Now is the best Voice service out there, no competition, but making that with Google Now all Android Wear really does is just lacklustre. … Rant over, we hope Google works hard on improving Android Wear.


Would you want a Google Phone or Watch, or is your Android experience set with an OEM, or are you an Apple or Microsoft user so don’t care, let us know and let’s what this space.

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