Microsoft reportedly working on a Surface All-in-One PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Surface device, however this Surface won’t be a mobile device, it’s expected to be a fully fledged Desktop All-in-One.

Microsoft already has taken on the Tablet market with it’s original Surface design, which when paired with the companies Type Cover offers a rather solid Tablet / Laptop hybrid, then Microsoft took that a step further by announcing their own Surface Laptop being the Surface Book, so it does make sense for them to make a Desktop device, if anything to complete the picture.

We can’t imagine news of a Surface Desktop would be positive news for OEMs, as, say what you will about Surface success, it’s no lie that Microsoft have sold a decent number of Surface devices and they’re certainly better than any of their competition in the OEM market, be it a bit pricey!

Retina iMac 21 27

Of course the pioneer in terms of Desktop all-in-ones is without a doubt the Apple iMac, and we do expect this will be some course for inspiration for the Surface All-in-One, however we do expect to see a Touchscreen panel similar to that of Lenovo and HPs efforts in this space.

We don’t expect it to be as “normal” as the Surface Book

One thing we will say about the upcoming Surface all-in-one, is we doubt it will be as self explanatory as the Surface Book, which is literally just a Laptop like everyone else has done in the Windows space, even as light of this comes in everyone’s now itching to see just what the Microsoft Surface team could do to really ignite the Desktop market again as let’s be honest, even from the market leaders, has gone a bit stale. And, say what you like about Microsoft’s Surface line of products, they’ve changed the market of Computers for the better.

Are you serious?

2007 Surface PixelSense

As with any rumours, come crazy speculation, and with this one, we’re seeing a mirage of wacky stories mainly the fact that Microsoft could be coming back to what they know with the Desktop Surface and bringing back some of the incredible functionality they did back in 2007 with the original Surface device, as shown above, but to the consumer space.

We incredibly doubt this, and obviously we know the speculations aren’t meaning THAT would be the Surface Desktop, it would be in an all-in-one form factor, but at the end of the day that’s UI which is no where near what we see from Windows 10, or it’s closest akin the Surface Hub, so whilst it’s nice to live in dreamland, the ways the Surface Desktop will differentiate we doubt will be this extreme … I mean, think of the price?!?!

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