Samsung Galaxy Note 7 more than leaks!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, yes they’re going to skip Note 6 to sound more fancy and consistent with their S line of Smartphones, though we personally think that’s going to make it more confusing. But, this is what it looks like, pretty much how we expected. View a full 3D version of this right here!Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 more than leaks!”

BlackBerry officially announces the affordable and secure DTEK50

After releasing the rather over-priced just-OK Blackberry PRIV, Blackberry seem to be taking things a bit more seriously in terms at least of price, with their new beautifully named device, the DTEK50. Blackberry are once again promoting the DTEK50, like the PRIV, as the most secure Android device you can get, running a “hardened” version ofContinue reading “BlackBerry officially announces the affordable and secure DTEK50”

A ‘Google’ Phone and Watch rumoured?!

Google has always being a strange company, however if current new rumours are to be believed, they’re going to begin to be a very confusing company too. To get in to why the rumours of a ‘Google Phone’ and a ‘Google Watch’ is such as confusing predicament, quickly looking in to how Google’s current providesContinue reading “A ‘Google’ Phone and Watch rumoured?!”

Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy right now – Q2 2016

With such a wide collection of Smartphones available these days, it can sometimes be hard to pick the best one for you. Having said that, when we decided to pick out the best five Smartphones, we weren’t struggling finding the Smartphones to include in the list, more the position to give them. Just like weContinue reading “Top 5 Best Smartphones you can buy right now – Q2 2016”

Microsoft reportedly working on a Surface All-in-One PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Surface device, however this Surface won’t be a mobile device, it’s expected to be a fully fledged Desktop All-in-One. Microsoft already has taken on the Tablet market with it’s original Surface design, which when paired with the companies Type Cover offers a rather solid Tablet / Laptop hybrid,Continue reading “Microsoft reportedly working on a Surface All-in-One PC”