Tap to Pay ‘Officially’ coming to Microsoft Wallet (US)

Microsoft Wallet app NFC Payment

After being leaked to the point where it could even have being installed, Microsoft have finally officially announced that their Microsoft Wallet on Windows 10 Mobile will be getting ‘Tap to Pay’ Contactless Payments.

Microsoft have adopted the same standard of which is being actively used and deployed worldwide using Apple Pay and Android Pay, which makes sense as no work is required on a Retail level for this to work.

Windows Central Editor Daniel Rubino tested the Payment service using his Microsoft Lumia 950 in McDonalds and had no issued authorising a Payment as you would on an iPhone or Android device in supporting regions.

US First

As seems to be the case, Microsoft Wallet will be beginning in the United States, which makes sense as that’s Microsoft’s homeland, but at the same time that’s hardly anywhere near Windows Phone’s stronghold, but makes sense suppose.

The service will be launching with just 5 banks supported, though more have being announced to be coming soon, as expected. All of which listed below;

  • Bank of America (which Rubino tested using)
  • BECU
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • People’s United Bank
  • Virginia Credit Union
  • (Coming) Chase
  • (Coming) Fifth Third Bank
  • (Coming) US Bank


Just like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Bank Cards, Microsoft Wallet will be supported everywhere with the Contactless Payment logo, as well as a Microsoft Wallet icon you’ll likely never see.

Naturally the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are supported, but we’ve also been asserted that the Lumia 650 will also support the Payment service as well.

Of course, the question is whether it matters. Microsoft are more than crumbling in Mobile, but by having this service there it’s one less weakness of their shoulders and a MUCH better method than Microsoft’s original Mobile Payments method which required Carriers to play ball (they didn’t), which if anyone remembers they actually attempted back in the Windows Phone 8 days if you can believe it.

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