OnePlus finally announce the OnePlus 3


OnePlus have finally took the wraps off their third affordable flagship device, the OnePlus 3, a brand new NO INVITE REQUIRED Android flagship packing quite a lot of what you would expect out of a 2016 flagship … and did we mention it’s only £309 / $399 SIM Free from the OnePlus website!

Compared to the OnePlus 2

One of the biggest annoyances of the OnePlus 2, which we use annoyance rather weakly as it was a very good value for money device, was the emissions the device had compared to even devices comparatively at it’s time, the biggest being no NFC and a 1080p display rather than 2K which was just beginning to become the almost norm it is today.

Whilst the display is now a much more beautiful AMOLED Panel on the OnePlus 3, it does stick at that 1080p resolution, but at 5.5inch that’s still a pretty decent PPI and now is covered by Gorilla Glass 3.

Something which IS now on a OnePlus device finally is NFC. OnePlus claimed the OnePlus 2 lacked NFC as it didn’t see it’s relevance at this moment when it was announced, now though with services such as Android Pay taking shape, NFC is much more of a useable paradigm and so, now the OnePlus 3 does indeed have NFC.


It’s clear to see that the design of the OnePlus 3 has taken more than some inspirations from around the pond, but still has that same OnePlus flair, we’re loving the OnePlus X style look of the front of the device and metallic sides which looked incredible on the OnePlus X, unlike the OnePlus X though the backing is also metallic and available in the usual array of finishes.

However, if you’re more of a fan of the old style Sandstone backing or Wood finishing from the OnePlus 2, cases will fill that missing gap.

One continuing feature of the OnePlus 3 is the lack of any major Speaker output, though we must add that the single firing speaker at the bottom is incredibly loud when it wants to be, so have no fear, this is more than capable to wake you up and for Notifications.

Oxygen OS, not Cyanogen

Just like with it’s predecessor which introduced it and the X, the OnePlus 3 is running OnePlus’ Oxygen OS, which as we explained in our OnePlus X review, is a far stretch from the capabilities of Cyanogen which was found in the original OnePlus One, but you do still have a decent level of customisation built in, and tweaks which should make this a great device to use.

One of our favourite aspects of Oxygen OS in relation to the OnePlus 3 as well is the darker UI throughout, which can be even darker in Settings should you choose, which for the AMOLED panel is just perfect.

Should you be wanting Cyanogen on the OnePlus 3 you will be out of luck at the moment as we’ve heard nothing of the sorts of it coming to the OnePlus 3, however official builds have come to the OnePlus 2, though it remains to be said, don’t get this in the hope of Cyanogen, a Nexus will do you much better.

Specifications … was that 6GB of RAM?!

Despite the bargain price tag, OnePlus didn’t hold back when it came to the OnePlus 3, naturally some sacrifices were taken in the resolution of the Display, but it’s still a very respectable panel, but packing 6GB of RAM is an achievement, though many may agree that it is a bit overkill. Other than that, the Specifications are rather usual affair.

  • 5.5inch Optic AMOLED Display at 1920 x 1080 (401ppi) with Gorilla Glass 4
  • Snapdragon 820, backed up by Adreno 630
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB internal storage *non-expandable*
  • 16MP OIS Rear Camera with 4K Video and full RAW support / 8MP Front Camera promised to be perfect for Selfies
  • AC WiFI and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Oxygen OS
  • Front Fingerprint Scanner
  • USB-C (though of the USB 2 variety) with support for Dash Charge
  • Dual NANO SIM
  • 3,000mAh Battery


OnePlus have released a very appealing Smartphone in the OnePlus 3, and for a very decent price tag of just £309, which translates to €399 in Europe, $399 US / $519 AU and ₹27,999 in India, so a very decent price tag for what is quite frankly a good 90% of what any top-tier Flagship is putting out this year, plus finally be rejoiced that the Invite system is completely gone, if you want one just click the links below and get one it’s that simple!

Granted, the OnePlus 3, even at this great price, is now in a much tougher market in terms of price for what you get, but there’s always being something special about the OnePlus line, and it’s hard to recommend this device, not to mention that it’s pretty good looking one too.

Available now at right here!

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