HTC announce the all-new HTC 10

HTC 10

HTC have finally announced their flagship for 2016, the HTC 10. As HTC remove the M from the name of it’s devices, as well as One for that matter, we’re hoping this is the sight of a company moving on from it’s most recent moments and can return to form brought with devices such as the original HTC One.


HTC 10 Rear

With the HTC 10 it’s clear to see that HTC have being carefully looking at what they do right, and what they’ve done wrong, what HTC have always done right is quality materials in a sleek design, and design plays a big part in the HTC 10 appeal, something we’re personally big fans of.

Whilst it’s clear HTC have took some inspirations for the new all glass curved front face surrounding the 5.2inch Quad HD display, which still looks incredible on the HTC 10, when it comes to the back of the HTC 10 it remains true to HTC’s design language, now with one of the most stand out chamfered edges ever … which hopefully isn’t a scratch magnet!

Flagship visually and flagship internally

You know this already, should it need to be said, but the HTC 10 is of course not just a device that looks the part, with the latest from Qualcomm with the SnapDragon 820, backed up by 4GB of RAM, the story is all too familiar in terms of a device that literally ticks all boxes in terms of high end specifications.

HTC have packed the 10 with the usual 32GB of internal storage, and as always a microSD Card slot to boot, although it remains to see whether HTC are taking advantage of Marshmallows adaptive storage.

Camera wise HTC have stuck to the norm with a 4:3 16MP Camera, which we’ll wait and see in terms of results as HTC’s had sketchy look with their Rear shooters, the Front Camera as always though is a very decent wide-angle offering.

Big Battery, Big claims, plus a little ‘Boost’ along the way

The HTC 10 also intends to last, with a optimum 3,000mAh battery, which is Quick Charge 3.0 capable from the USB-C port, you know this thing is going to last, but that’s not enough for HTC when it comes to decent battery life. HTC want the HTC 10 to be a flagship Smartphone you can use for a full two days, and by use they mean use…a lot.

HTC Boost+ battery

To help out with this, HTC have being working on some key features to try and optimise the way the Battery capacity is being used on high intensive, and of course low intensive use among the day. HTC have a new pre-installed tool on the 10 called Boost+, which they’re hoping will be your instant check for Battery calibration, which also includes some storage calibration as well.


Sorry, but HTC for what ever reason didn’t include BoomSound in the HTC 10, does that mean they’re not focused on good Audio quality on their devices, hell no, in fact the HTC 10 brings a lot of firsts to the plate, and some work arounds for BoomSound, which whilst we’d prefer two stereo front firers, are better than nothing. Instead what HTC have done is put a Speaker on the bottom of the phone, next to USB-C, for low frequencies and a front facing speaker (the earpiece) for high frequencies, hopefully this makes up for the loss of BoomSound. Having said that, including BoomSound would massively affect the design of the device, but hey, would’ve been nice.

HTC are also throwing in some pretty high quality Earphones in the box, a pair of Hi-Res-cetified earphones, the result of a partnership with JBL, powered by the USB-C port, though don’t worry the usual 3.5mm jack remains.

Plus, HTC are the first ever on Android, to include native support for Apple Airplay for audio.

A lot more Google

One of the very interesting changes HTC have made, and promised to continue refining when it comes to the HTC 10 is how much they’re making it feel as “Google” as possible. HTC’s core applications, are now supporting the full material design language of Android, even a large chunk of the Operating System such as the Settings, making the device looks and feel more akin to Stock Android, but with that added benefit of OEM enhancements on top of it.

Speaking of those apps though, HTC have decided to make a big change in terms of pre-installed applications on the device, with the mantra that if Google have an app for that, only install that. What this means is, the HTC 10 will only have Chrome as a Browser, Play Store for Apps, and even default to Google’s Gallery app … of course HTC’s are available, but they’re on the road to making the devices feel much less cluttered and confusing, unlike what Samsung does with their devices, below is a list of Applications Samsung have installed alongside the same kind of applications provided by Google … see what we mean now;

Samsung Galaxy Pre installed versus Google apps



There you have it, the HTC 10. Powerful, sleek looking, what’s not to love right? Well, if we’re being perfectly honest, we’re hopeful that this will get some success, it’s the first device by HTC we’re not left breathing a -sigh- of disappointment over, sure it joins the plethora of high end Android phones out at the moment, but there’s always that extra thing HTC brings to the table, and if you’re issue with HTC has ever been the Sense UI, you can forget that now for a start! We’d say, keep a look out for the HTC 10!

  • 5.2 inch Quad HD Display (1440 x 2560) with 565PPI
  • Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 with Adreno 530
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB internal Storage with microSD Slot
  • USB-C with Fast Charging 3.0
  • Fingerprint scanner on Home button
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 12MP Rear Camera with Laser Autofocus / 5MP Wide-angle front Camera

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