Blackberry 10 is dead, company to focus entirely on Android


It seems crazy to believe, especially for those kids of today, but Blackberry was actually the biggest sole player in the world of Smartphones prior to the big Smartphone mix up over the last 10 years, thanks mainly to devices such as the iPhone, but today it couldn’t be a more different.

Blackberry 10 was never the answer, but Blackberry had to give it a go

Thorsten Heins, former Blackberry CEO, with the Blackberry Z10 and Q10, debut devices on the Blackberry 10 platform

When, then CEO, Thorsten Heins came on stage to announce big changes for Blackberry, everyone naturally expected the switch to Android devices, however instead, Blackberry re-invented their operating system with Blackberry 10.

Although it’s easy to sit here and think it’s just Blackberry who’s sunk during this time, Blackberry was still the third player in terms of Marketshare, whilst Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform was still growing and gaining momentum … look now what happened to even that momentum today.

Since then, Blackberry sales, specifically on BB10 devices, have just continued to slump further and further away, so it came as no big surprise when Blackberry tested the poison, so to speak, with their first Android offering, the Blackberry PRIV.

Blackberry PRIV, running on the Android platform

The Blackberry PRIV has been a very well needed hit for the company, and by running on the Android platform, none of the lack of Apps excuse can be asserted here, plus unlike many other companies first efforts in to Android, it’s a Google Play device, meaning it’s not just the Amazon App Store awkwardly fitted in to an unfamiliar operating system, this is full on Android.

Blackberry also remained true to their routes as well, by including all of Blackberry’s Enterprise features, and by securing Android in entirely new ways.

Blackberry’s success is no longer with devices, but in services. But if they want devices on the shelves, Android is now a no brainer

Whilst Blackberry would love to see Blackberry 10 all over the carrier stores, no one is interested, and Blackberry have finally realised this.

Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has announced that they will be no longer making Blackberry 10 devices, though will keep security updates coming for the platform, but that the companies main focus now is on further Android hardware, however now around the lower price $400 price range.

We’d prefer if Blackberry went further down than the $400 price range however, especially as they’ve hinted those will be mid-range. A company in Blackberry’s position can’t afford to sell hardware with a premium price tag anymore, though we’ll see how well the future of Blackberry’s Android devices do.

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