Microsoft set to release ROMs to download Windows 10 on your existing Android Phone

Windows 10 with Android sneak

With plans to run Android apps through emulation of Windows 10 for Phones aborted, Microsoft can’t help themselves think up new ways to bring the Android fray in to the mix with Windows Phone, issue is, does it matter?

HP Elite x3

This is the HP Elite x3, which was announced this week at Mobile World Congress, a device which is easily crowned as the best most high end Windows Phone device to date, however Microsoft maybe set to bring Windows 10 for Phones to a much more familiar list of devices, your Android phone!

So far, Microsoft is expected to release ROMs compatible with OnePlus and Xioami devices, but of course it’s only a matter of time until that list expands with the vast expansion of devices from the world of Android. To clarify, the OnePlus 2, 3 and Xioami devices including the Mi 5 so far have been named upon those expecting ROMs to go from the world of Android, potentially to the world of Windows 10 for Phones!


Good question. It’s hard to get even some Windows Phone fans excited about the current state of the operating system, it’s unstable, design seems to be shaping from unique to the norm, and until Mobile World Congress, Lumias weren’t exactly getting anyone going much either. The reason why we expect though, is simply common ground. If you looked at how many people around the world have Cyanogen installed on their devices for example, it’s a surprisingly small single percent of Android users, and a surprisingly small percent of users Microsoft are hoping to attract to this game, as let’s not forget, like Google, Microsoft is in this for software not hardware.

But, we’re sure the why you were likely thinking wasn’t in relation to Microsoft, let’s be fair they need to do quite a breakthrough for most to look at Windows Phone seriously again, but why would you want to install Windows on your precious Android device? The answer to that of course derives around what type of user you are, it’s worth noting the devices selected at first are, yes decently spec devices but of the, affordably priced, and would likely be installed simply as experiment more than anything else. Plus, it’s worth noting, with the know-how, you can dual-boot Android devices you know!


Important to note is that this *so far* is a rumour, though one from respected sources, so it begs to see how Microsoft would do this, but watch this space.

Would you install Windows on your Phone?

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