MWC 2016: LG announce the modular capable, G5


Whilst we’re obviously just getting started with the announcements of Mobile World Congress, if there’s one company we weren’t expecting to really impress us, it would have been LG, but prepare to be corrected, with this the G5.

When LG announced the G4, it was a decent enough Smartphone, had Laser Focus as it’s stand out feature and wasn’t priced too bad either, in fact it was a fantastic phone. But, like everything wasn’t perfect, battery life was less than we were used to, and some software niggles which let’s be fair we’ve all come to expect from LG in recent times. LG however made us very intrigued by their V10 Smartphone at the end of last year, which refined where the G4 left off and introduced a few unique features such as the additional touch screen, and put the radar back on LG for doing things outside of the norm, something which the G5 showcases in more ways than one.

But aside from the differences, the LG G5 does feature some expectancies when it comes to it’s internal hardware, such as being powered by the latest Qualcomm SnapDragon 820, backed up by 4GB of RAM, all of which powering the latest Android version on a beautiful 5.3 inch QHD display, which is easily one of LGs best. The G5 also features an adequate 32GB of internal storage with expansion available through a Dual SIM slot, which can either house two NANO SIMs or a single SIM and microSD Card, something which we’re happy to report is becoming slowly a norm again in Smartphones.

Whilst the software as we briefly hinted upon is Android 6 Marshmallow, users of Android may be slightly disappointed by one feature of the software absent in LGs latest Skin, the lack of an App Drawer. Whilst we personally don’t think this is a deal breaker due to the collection of awesome features other than that, not to mention custom launchers, it may be something hard to swallow from even older LG users, that as well as the Volume buttons returning to the more traditional side placement instead of the back.

LG have also taken a leaf out of HTC’s past by introducing a dual Camera on the back of the G5, however we think they’ve done it right, whilst you do have a traditional 16MP Camera which LG claim is the same great shooter from the V10, the G5 also features a 135 degree wide angle lens at 8MP. What this means is whilst you can naturally take pictures as normal and zoom in, you can zoom out further than the traditional view, this gives you an incredible amount of detail in your photos without the typical requirement of you having to move back to get that better view.

The G5 is also a much more attractive device with premium hardware, from the Gorilla Glass 5 construction with a curved smooth metallic body, which does not feature any antenna lines like we’ve come to expect as LG have found a way of housing the antennas within the metallic body!

Having said that, on the side you will see a line or two across the device, but these are not for the antenna to gain reception, oh no, these have so much more potential and this presents one of our favourite features of the LG G5;

Modules = Expansion / Addition and… anything potentially you like!

G5 Modula Battery

Push in a button on the bottom left of the LG G5, and a world world of possibilities begins, of the biggest is the first unibody metallic phone, with a replaceable battery! But of course it can go so much more further than that. LG are opening this modular construction to third parties and also releasing accessories of their own. Accessories which can improve the Battery even further, give you additional hardware controls for things like your Camera, and even improve the sound output from your device, the possibilities literally are endless and we just love what LG has done here!

G5 Camera Accessory

This is the Camera accessory you can add to the G5. With this accessory, not only do you gain an extra 1,000mAh of battery life, but you get a rational zoom function, a physical Camera button and so much more.

Of course time will tell how people respond to the modular functionality of the LG G5, but we think this is incredible, and it’s rare these days you see this kind of innovation from mobile phones, whilst other companies are introducing improvements to last year, LG have stepped out of the boundaries and we can’t wait to see what they do next, and what third parties can do with that modular feature too.

What’s your impression of the LG G5, we think it’s the best thing announced at Mobile World Congress 2016, yes we know that a big statement, but we mean it. As usual from Mobile World Congress, availability of all devices is rather sketchy at best, but keep a look out for this one, this is one LG device not to forget when it comes out later this year.



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