Could your choice of SmartWatch limit your Smartphone purchase in the future?

iPhone and Apple Watch Dock

Whilst Android Wear has done many things in terms of the world of Smartwatches, still the Apple Watch remains the only Smartwatch really on the radar of most people. Whilst Smartwatches remain a novelty item and not a requirement, those who have purchased a SmartWatch may soon notice when it comes to purchasing their next Smartphone just how much their choice of SmartWatch could affect that decision.

There’s being a collection of Smartphones released, and of course many to come this year in 2016, but one thing we’re noticing is that whilst there’s been some developments in Windows 10 as well as some incredible Android devices come out, one thing we’re missing is their interaction with the Apple Watch. We use the Apple Watch to control music playback whilst the iPhone is in our pocket on the go, as well as to make Payments using Apple Pay, something Android Wear for example either doesn’t offer at all just yet, or doesn’t offer in any way as good as what the Apple Watch does.

That hasn’t stopped us testing new Smartphones, and new reviews are coming out this year for them, but it’s incredible how a device that’s not even a major player in the industry is actually affecting the choices and decisions we make on our daily driver device.

Our hopes for Android Wear going forward

Android Wear Music

We all know Android Pay is one it’s own very slooooowwww rollout across many devices, and we’re starting to see more Android devices with NFC and Fingerprint scanners perfectly made for it, but mobile payments are just one of the things that we wish that Android Wear had which the Apple Watch has been doing really well, however their is one more thing that we love to use on the Apple Watch and that’s the ability to control music playback from the iPhone on the Apple Watch. Whilst Google has been making leaps and strides in getting to that point, I’m afraid the Play Music integration on Android Wear and Android just don’t compare to how the Music controls work on Apple’s ecosystems.

Both of those points are really unfortunate as they do limit us from purchasing an Android Wear device going forward, as let’s not forget Android Wear does actually work now on iOS devices, but even with Android Wear, you don’t get an entirely as good experience unless you’re on another Android device, so the same problem could arise over there.

Our hope going forward…

Whilst Smartwatches are great devices, and a fantastic companion device for your Smartphone of choice, the moral of the story really is, we’re hoping for a bit more from the world of Android Wear, whilst Apple’s Watch has always had the utility, other than the Google Now integration it’s hard to say the same thing about Android Wear Watches.

Google will be making updates to Android Wear going forward and we remain very interested in the movements of it, but until then we could consider ourselves trapped if we want a decent Smartwatch with our Smartphone.



Do you have a Smartwatch, whether it’s an Apple Watch or an Android Wear device, does the Smartwatch limit you from new phones going forward?

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