Windows RT update won’t work with Windows 10, just a Start change? Where have we seen that before.

Windows RT

Ah, Windows RT, whilst on paper a good idea, getting the Windows platform to run on mobile chips, meaning more efficiently and diversely able to compete with Android and iOS closely, but that never really worked did it? Whilst we had our own dabbles with Windows RT, in which we were actually a fan of on paper, if it wasn’t the lack of consumer reception, it was Microsoft themselves making the platform worse and worse, and it seems now they’ve just pulled the self-destruct button.

Microsoft Surface 2

When Microsoft discussed the plans for Windows 10 going forward, there’s continuously been no mention or talk of anything in relation to Windows RT, getting more and more worried that the platform is just going to be another throw away from Microsoft. Whilst, this doesn’t completely confirm it, this is certainly not the news you want to here, this is what Microsoft had on the matter;

“Surface (RT, Surface 2 and third-party ARM-based Windows PCs and tablets) only run apps built for RT and not Universal Windows Apps. There are lots of apps that work on RT, so they’ll be able to continue to enjoy apps, games, music and movie content.”

“When a customer goes to the Windows Store, they should be able to buy anything they want for their device, not just universal apps. That includes movies, productivity software, games and more. Moving forward, the Windows Store will be the place where people can turn to get software, content and apps they want, in a simple and curated way. Today there are millions of software programs for Windows, and we hope to see as many as possible in the Windows Store.”

Microsoft have previously stated that Windows RT will get an update, attractively named Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 … lovely, of which bits of the new Start menu will make it to the RT device family but nothing more was released, if this is anything to go by, then that is actually it. Which begs the question, is it worth upgrading?

Why you may want to skip the update, even if it is the likely last?

All Windows RT devices (be it just the few*) are all small and rely heavily on the operating system working for Touch screen input as a priority, something the new Start menu in Windows 10 doesn’t do half as well as the Windows 8 one … this isn’t opinion, this is just fact. So, it begs the question why bothering installing.

The big feature we were all looking for in Windows RT update wasn’t in fact Windows 10, but the ability to at least be able to use the new Windows Universal Apps introduced in Windows 10 for Phone and PC. Due to the phones running on the ARM architecture, there’s actually no hardware reason why Microsoft couldn’t actually do this either, apps of which we’re talking about are the universal versions of Office and the new Windows 10 versions of Mail and Calendar.

Whilst, we would love to see the Project Astoria apps work on Windows RT as well, we do understand that requires a bit more work, but even then those apps will be running on ARM based Phones, so even that could be done if they bothered trying.

Isn’t this just like Windows Phone 7.8 again?

Not surprisingly, this news has attracted very negative attention from Microsoft fans, as ONCE AGAIN they have made things hard for Microsoft loyalists. Just like when Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 8, ousting the entire Windows Phone 7 devices with a throwaway update with just a few Start changes, they’re doing the identical thing with Windows RT in actually every single way. Shame on you, Microsoft.

Whilst we don’t expect it will make a difference, you can of course express your anger to Microsoft, as many already have, through their User Voice service on their website, we’ll have to see suppose. It goes without saying, that we share the disappointment in Microsoft for this.

Windows User Voice


*devices in question; Microsoft: Surface RT, Surface 2. Nokia: Lumia 2520. Samsung: Ativ Tab. Acer: Iconia. Asus: VivoTab RT. Dell: XPS 10. Lenovo: IdeaPad Yoga 11.

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