Motorola unveil new Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Style


Motorola, now part of Lenovo but still operating separate, today had Events crossing the globe, from India, UK and US, to announce a collection of new devices running on the Android platform. We think it goes without saying which two at least devices those are of course, and what devices they are, but Motorola managed to through an extra surprise in there as well. One things for sure however, if you’re on the look out for some Android goodness, look no further than these;

Moto G 2015

First up is the successor we’ve all been waiting for, Motorola’s budget device that still packs a punch, the Moto G. The Moto G is a device we’ve been a big fan of, especially for those who want a stock Android experience but also don’t want to spend a lot to get that experience, but at the same time don’t want a device that feels or acts like a budget phone, and the Moto G continues to define that category.

With the latest model, Motorola have focused on these key additions;

  1. IPX7 Certified – Not water proof, but can be submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes
  2. LTE
  3. Large 2,470mAh Battery
  4. 2GB RAM* *on 16GB version
  5. Moto X features such as Moto Display, Quick Capture and a new feature called Chop Twice allowing you to enable the flash in Camera using two shakes.

The Moto G also packs a punch with a powerful Quad Core SnapDragon 410 Processor, powered by either 1GB like before on the 8GB model which is a bit disappointing, or a more realistic 2GB of RAM on the 16GB model. Both models still offer microSD Expansion.

Potentially a Camera that doesn’t suck?

Motorola also announced that the rear Camera on the Moto G 2015 including the same True Tone Flash are that found on the Nexus 6, so hopefully that means a bit better photography from the Moto G, as let’s be fair, Motorola devices are far from great at Photography. We’re also not saying the Nexus 6 Camera is anything special, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The Moto G 2015 will go on sale shortly for similar prices as all Moto G models, starting at $179 USD. No UK or further international prices have been announced just yet, though we expect the normal Moto G prices.

Moto X Play

Whilst many were expecting a successor to the Moto X to be announced as the Moto X Play, that isn’t what the device is, the Moto X Style is a device in between the current Moto X and the Moto G 2015 above, featuring a 5.5inch 1080p display back ed up by an Octa Core SnapDragon 615 Processor, 2GB or RAM and a seemingly impressive 21MP Camera, however the big feature of the Moto X Style comes elsewhere.

Motorola have made the key focus on battery life with the Moto X Play, so much so that it not only has a claimed 48 hours of battery life (that’s in use battery), but a 3,630mAh battery to back it up, with an already battery pleasing SnapDragon 615 we mentioned.

Where the Moto X Play get’s it’s “X” branding is in the customisation options. The Moto X Play will be just as widely customisable through Moto Maker as the current Moto X (and the X Style below), meaning you really can style this the way you want, and still get a very decent phone out of it.

The Moto X Play is set to go on sale soon, however pricing is yet to be announced.

Moto X Style


Their was bound to be a flagship somewhere, and this is it, the Moto X Style. Design wise, you’ll be hard pressed to tell this apart from the Moto X Play, aside from the increase in size thanks to the 5.7 inch Quad HD Display, however that’s certainly not a bad thing though we are getting a bit big now Motorola, who clearly didn’t read the memo from our Nexus 6 impressions.

Despite those gripes, one thing you won’t be disappointed about with the Moto X Style is performance, being powered by a 1.8GHz Hexa-Core SnapDragon 808 Processor, backed up with 3GB of RAM, this thing is going to scream, especially when you remember these things are running stock Android.

Whilst the Style does come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, a first for the Moto X line is the fact that it too comes with expandable storage through a microSD Card like the other two phones announced above, meaning finally you don’t have to sacrifice with the Flagship, which made zero sense in the first place.

Camera wise, the same 21MP Camera makes an appearance from the Moto X Play, however this one is backed up with dual CCT Flash and can record 4K video, with a wide angled 5MP front facer.

Motorola also claim the same 30 hour mark for Battery life for the Moto X Style, which we’re not too sure off, but we’ll see. The 3,000mAh battery is what makes us believe that’s a slight bit over estimated. However, should that even be wrong, you’ve TurboPower 25 charger included for Fast charging, however no Wireless Charging which is admittedly a big shame as that was something we were hoping for after it came to the Nexus 6.

The Moto X Style is set to launch this coming September for a US retail of just $399 (likely 16GB). Again, no other currency prices have been announced just yet.

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