Everything Everything – Get In Heaven Album Review

Get to Heaven by Everything Everything
Get to Heaven by Everything Everything

It doesn’t seem that long since we were reviewing the second album by Everything Everything, Arc, but here we are again with this, their third and from what we’re hearing so far, it’s going down as one of our favourites, Get to Heaven. The good thing about Get to Heaven is it really plays true to any Everything Everything fan out their, for those who preferred the pure risk of their debut, Man Alive, or those that preferred the more traditional efforts of their second, both will be satisfied somewhere along the lines with Get to Heaven, it’s a real pleaser and before we’ve even got to the first track it’s likely clear we’re a fan.

 To The Blade

From what starts out as a rather calm sound to the album, To The Blade could easily be mistaken for a rather dull song, until the chorus rocks in to action in which case you quickly realise different. The song itself isn’t much special, but starts the album off in the right way which is the main thing to do with the first track and defines what Everything Everything have always stood for, being an alternate sound to an otherwise typical song. That’s not to say the song doesn’t have it’s strengths, from the beautiful sound of the chorus interludes which works perfect with the song and just compliments the build to the shout of the chorus. Lyrically the song is probably the closest hint to a love song you’re going to find on Get to Heaven, and we’re certainly not complaining.


In the moment you miss, in the lifetime alive

What you stand for is a rotten earth, but you didn’t know why

You can take it from me, there’s a light in your eyes

There’s a thing that you’re always saying, and it is no words

 Distant Past

Distant Past was the first song we heard and introduced us all in to the new Everything Everything album, kicking off with a very assertive drumbeat, the end result is a song which could very easily fit inside ‘Arc’. The song itself offers just a double structure through verse and chorus, but creates a level of atmosphere like of which we haven’t seen from the bands singles, which is something great to hear. As the song enters it’s finale middle 8 before closing, you really feel that the song has built up, and as we saw when the band performed the song live at Glastonbury this year, this really pays off for the execution of the song.

Take us to the distant past, I want to go back

Take me to the distant past, I want it so bad

 Get to Heaven

Being the self titled track for the album, Get to Heaven better be a good song right? Well, it’s a good song, but not the best by any means. One thing about Get to Heaven we will say is the song is pure fun pop and it’s great to hear. Following most pop traits, a chorus to sing to, a mood that’s uplifting and a beat with an irritable rhythm, this was always going to be a catchy one.

The song itself talks of the freedom from the struggles of life and how once you get to heaven all the pressures are gone from your life and your only worry is where did I park the car, as in someone getting used to their new surroundings. The song could also follow the same meaning around the presence of someone special in your life, of how being with them is like being in heaven and why would you ever want to leave.

Get into heaven! As the tanks roll by,

Get into heaven! Under a blood red sky,

I’m thinking where in the blazes, do I park my car?


The second single of the album, Regret may not sound like a song to get in to by name, but you’re left with a very pop driven song, something we haven’t seen from the band since classics such as Suffragette Suffragette and Photoshop Handsome. The bellowing “Regret, regret” lines throughout the verses and interlude are quite frankly impossible to not get addicted to, then by the time you get to the driven chorus you’re in.

As a song Regret does suffer from a trait many new songs do, in that it tries to built up but never seems to reach that climax, but it pays off in a way as the song ends up doing what Everything Everything do best, it may not make sense but dang does it stay in your head.

Regret, regret….

But did you imagine it, in a different way

Did you imagine it, in a different way

Did you think that anything, anything, would change

Did you imagine it, in a different way

 Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread

No song hits the pop vibe more than this one, our first easy favourite on the album, Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread, which we’re going to abbreviate to SSWD for the foreseeable future. SSWD kicks off with a killer bass rift then in to bass drum for the verse to what can only be described as the most addictive chorus ever;

Spring, sun, winter, dread, I don’t want to get older

No way, no way

Spring, sun, winter, dread, I don’t want to get older

No way, no way

We challenge you to not be singing the “No ways” after a few listens. But the song doesn’t stop there, much be the randomness of Everything Everything, nothing more so than a line which strings throughout the second half to the near end, which makes absolutely no sense, but the fun and pop sound that the song delivers makes it just work. That and more just have to make this a 5 out of 5 track. Here’s that random lyric now;

You are a thief, and a murderer too

Stole that face that you wear, from a craven baboon

Cause you did to her, you did it to him, and you did it before, you’ll do it again..

Which repeats. Like we said, no one quite knows what it means, but we’re telling you it’s such an upbeat song who cares.

 The Wheel (is turning now)

The Wheel kicks off with a humming rift which finds it’s way around the song and a dark mythical sound throughout. It’s not that the song isn’t a good one, but the main problem we have with The Wheel (is turning now) is the song is constantly searching for a build up that never seems to happen, and I think it’s more than fair to say that it takes a very long time to finish.

The song lyrically hints towards a character cursing somebody who they are jealous of who has the interest of someone they love, something I’m sure we’ve all had to go through before.

Or is it in the way he calls your name, or is it in the way he prays for it

The wheel is turning now, it’s really turning now

 Fortune 500

It’s a rather lazy comparison to say Everything Everything are like an alternate Hot Chip, but when it comes to the song Fortune 500 you may be on to something. The song has a very similar synth based sound to it, and continues the same general sound throughout with echoing pitches throughout as the song progressed. The song is actually rather beautiful in sound and quite relaxing to listen to, like many songs by Everything Everything we’re not quite sure what the song is about, but it sounds great and sometimes the basics are what’s important in music.

So ring the alarm I’m at the palace garage, Fortune 500 like the back of my hand

I know I am only having a laugh, They said that I should do this for myself

So is this the end or should I take out the King, Queen of my island just an animal thing

Rain pattered dolly flapping blood in the wind, they speak in ways I do not understand

 Blast Doors

Blast Doors is a quick tempo song filled with very unexplainable verses, combined by an incredible chorus line, from the introduction to the chorus to the chorus itself which whilst does just repeat itself, sounds incredible and is probably the only part of the song you can sing a long to and it’s worth doing as it’s a great song.

As a song Blast Doors has everything a song needs, structurally it’s everything that makes an Everything Everything song, the only way it slightly shies away for us is the way the verses don’t quite match the level reached upon the chorus, but we’re being nit-picky it’s still a great song.

You say you’re gonna change! But you don’t have any time!

Down in my east port, I build an empire

Whenever I might die, Open my wild eye

Down in my east port, I build an empire

Whenever I might die, Open my wild eye

 Zero Pharaoh

Zero Pharaoh has it all when it comes to a perfect Everything Everything song, it doesn’t mess around it just gets right to it from start to finish. From the backing introduced synth rift which runs through the majority of the song, to the bass driven drums to the soft guitar strokes, musically you’re just left with an incredible sound.

On top of this incredible sound is of course the vocals, which in Zero Pharaoh just sound really punchy and attacking to every single note, which matches the sound of the song so perfectly. Whilst we probably wouldn’t put it as the number one favourite on the album, it’s on that list definitely.

If all your children living out their lives

Then why would you ever go back?

Take your pharaoh, put him in a black sack

Why don’t you take it yourself?

 No Reptiles

No Reptiles is a song of two halves, from the start you’ve got the slow mysterious vibe to the song with an unusual lower pitch vocal from lead vocalist Jonathan Higgs, to what seems like the build up the back again, then in to a vocal lead which makes absolutely no sense, but we love it. We will say this song is a grower, at first you literally will be listening to the vocals and thinking what the heck am I listening to, but give it a few chances and it’s clear it’s actually a really beautiful song and one that we find ourselves listening to every time.

Oh baby it’s alright, it’s alright to feel, like a fat child in a push chair

Old enough to run.

Old enough to fire a gun

 Warm Healer

The last track of most albums typically end up either being snoozers or songs literally thrown in there to let you know this really is the end, but thankfully this isn’t the case in Get to Heaven. The strong rut of the bass and drum rift from the start throughout to the end, and with the echo of the vocals just make this such a beautiful song, which we honestly think is such a nice way to end the album.

The song itself talks of how someone who has ruined a relationship with someone and how they can’t possibly fix what’s been broken and the realisation of this fact, and we have to say it’s put in to a really nice song to finish the album off with.

The song does however finish with one tradition for the last track of an album and that’s leaving the song with such an incredible atmospheric sound which takes you completely in to the song, and leaving you wanting more.

Babe, Don’t look the other way
I love your face and there’s no more time
Babe, I saw what you did tonight
It’s ugly but it is, All I want
Babe, They call me the medicine man
But my own spells don’t work, Anymore

======DELUXE EDITION======

Of course if you put a bit of extra buck in to your purchase of Get to Heaven, there’s a collection of extras available on the album, below is our review of those extra 6.

 We Sleep In Pairs

We’re going to say this quickly and in three words, “skip this track”, do not let this waste ruin a very good album, we’re most certainly not and we shall move on. We know these are bonus tracks, but rejected b-sides weren’t what we were hoping for, though seriously we mean it, skip or maybe even delete this song and just continue and you’ll be happier.

 Hapsburg Lippp

From the loud synth rift from the start to the marching vocals which actually repeat through the song, boosted by claps and extra percussion, Hapsburg Lippp really has a cheeky charm to it, which we were addicted to from the start it has to be said. Then as soon as you get to the chorus which sounds almost comically pitched, it grows on you in such a strange way.

Whilst this song will take you a while to get, which goes without saying if you’ve heard it just the once, once you reach the rather normal middle 8 and get to assess the song as it returns to the final chorus, that’s when we got hooked.

Arc is b-baby with your Hapsburg Lippp (E-EE)

Make me nervous. You’ve gotten no masters

Arc is b-baby with your Hapsburg Lippp (E-EE)

Make me nervous. You’ve gotten no muster

Come to the river now, Make yourself a body bag

Tell me all about your king, You’ve gotten no muster

Arc is b-baby with your Hapsburg Lippp (E-EE)

Make me nervous. You’ve gotten no muster

 President Heartbeat

As given away by the first two words in the song, the title ‘President Heartbeat’, is one of those songs which would have fitted so well in to the old 2010 singles Everything Everything released alongside old songs such as ‘DNA Dump’ and ‘Hiawatha Doomed’, with it’s almost 80s styling disco vibe and creation method. The song itself is pure pop and fun, and whilst it’s not one we put on all the time, it’s definitely one we enjoy when the old jukebox plays it, so to speak.

President Heartbeat, Turn me into somebody new!

President Heartbeat, Turn me into somebody new!

Well thanks a million, Yeah thanks for nothing at all

Thanks a million, Yeah thanks for nothing at all


Brainchild is a song of two halves, for one you’ve a fantastic sounding bass rift and beat going through the quick verses, then on the other hand you’ve a fantastic sing-a-long chorus which can’t not put you in a better mood. Whilst we do slightly wish the verses weren’t as loud as they are in how they are executed in their rap form, that small detail won’t take away the fact this is a great song.

Love, love is all you need to know

Love, love is all you need to know

Are you trying to be clever, cos you’re better when you’re not

Are you trying to be clever, cos you’re better when you’re not

 Yuppie Supper

Yuppie Supper is a hard one to review as it’s an instrumental. The song continues the same general vibe and slightly reminds us of the Awe/Arc track from ‘Arc’, in that whilst it slightly has lyrics, whilst in this inconceivable, it is more or less instrumental, but sounds good enough to not be classed as just a filler. But, as we said from the start, without lyrics or meaning, hard to explain further obviously.

 Only As Good As My God

Only As Good As My God is a very strange song to choose to end the deluxe edition, with a similar background vibe as Fortune 500 however with the speed and arrangement of the faster tracks like Blast Doors, it definitely creates a strange combination, only made more so with the occasional ooohs and ahh to boot.

The song itself, for the most part, talks of an individual aiming for better things in their life but realising that life is too short to focus on the small things, and as the title would suggest even the best of people are only as good as my god. The only thing we’d say that really annoys us about this song, is that with that little extra production we could be listening to the next Everything Everything classic, but we’re still left with a very good track, but could’ve been so much more.

If they crawl out of the mud, Wash them away in a flood
I’m only as good as my god, Burnt hair and more money

==Album Summary==

 – Get to Heaven really is an album of progress, whilst ‘Arc’ may have lost itself slightly from what was an incredible debut ‘Man Alive’, but with ‘Get to Heaven’, the band have not only found their feet but released what is their best material since their debut. From start to finish, there’s little to complain about the album which is honestly the best compliment we could give, and the album truly offers bits of both worlds from the old-school Everything Everything to the more slight sounding sound from their second album.

The keyword for Get to Heaven is polish, every track throughout the album just has that extra bit of fit and finish which make the entire album from start to finish shine, which is something getting more and more uncommon to find.

(whilst these aren’t included in overall scoring) The 6 extra track on the deluxe edition on the album were realistically our only disappointments, so if anybody purchase the standard version of the album you’ll be ok, just bare in mind there’s two, stretching at three, great songs worth actually listening to, which is a shame as the album itself is incredible.


Get to Heaven by Everything Everything was released 22nd June 2015, and what an album it is, which has peaked the band up to Number 2 in the charts.

Get to Heaven by Everything Everything is available to purchase on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download at all good popular resellers.


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