Google IO 2015 – Android M, Wear updates and more!

Google IO was upon us this week and it’s fair to say we were glued and excited to see all the latest and greatest Google has to offer the world. Typically Google takes this opportunity to show off the latest version of Android and further updates across the board all around Google, and this yearContinue reading “Google IO 2015 – Android M, Wear updates and more!”

Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!

We’ve previously discussed the potential of this happening, but looks like we may have been much more on the money than we imagined. Alongside a brand new ‘Phone Companion App’ coming in Windows 10, where Microsoft highlighted the multiple possible ways at which Windows 10 will be built from the get-go to connect and receiveContinue reading “Microsoft bringing Cortana to iOS and Android!”

Apple Watch (Sport) First Impressions

The Apple Watch is finally upon us, and, like any new Apple product, it’s arrived with a wide variety of reactions and questions. Is it good, we’re going to see, is it over-rated, probably, but it’s Apple’s latest and greatest product everyone’s talking about and that’s what we’re looking at now, in particular the SilverContinue reading “Apple Watch (Sport) First Impressions”

Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft

If you were expecting a hoard of product announcements and a couple of new flagships, then you will be disappointed by this years Build, where Microsoft focused entirely on software and development in this years conference. Sure, this is Build, but still would’ve been nice to see something else, however since the keynote, quite aContinue reading “Build 2015 – A much more open Microsoft”