Blur – The Magic Whip Album Review

After 12 long years since Blur released Think Tank, and 16 years since 13 with Coxon, Blur are back with The Magic Whip, and what an album it is. The Magic Whip will take you down a road you’ll at first find familiar, then before you know it, music you’d never expect, best part aboutContinue reading “Blur – The Magic Whip Album Review”

BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!

Apple have a great platform with iOS, including a range of benefits and advantages over the competition, but one thing which has been quite a struggle to get just right has been Emulators etc remaining available on the platform. Whilst there’s been a range of methods getting such applications on the iOS platform, the officialContinue reading “BuildStore for iOS brings Emulation and more in a working fashion!”