Sony unveils the new Xperia Z4, but don’t get excited just yet…

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony today finally took the wraps off their next flagship Z device, the Xperia Z4. However, whilst we, like many, had high expectations for Sony’s next flagship, it’s probably best to calm that excitement before it turns in to sudden disappointment.

Is it faster, sure, is it more up to date, of course it is, but the problem with the Z4 is it remains the same boring tiny spec bump upgrade once again. Of course, we’ve been hearing about how much Sony is investing in to making big changes with the Xperia Z5 later in the year (meaning they’re sticking to their 6 months / 2 flagship per year strategy) but turning to the Z4, but even as a fan of Sony’s work, it’s hard to be impressed with the Z4, and at a time where it’d be pretty good for Sony to impress.

Xperia Z4 Back Colours

Aside from a silver-ish tinted colour, a disgusting rose gold colour, and the same classic black back Sony’s offered since the Z itself, the Z4 continues to be the same old, same old. Last year with the Z3, Sony at least rounded up the design, and removed the need of a door for the charging port, meaning a notable improvement over the Z2. But, with the Z4, other than the processor packed underneath, you really don’t get anything more, which is pretty bad when both the Z3 and Z2 are rocking on Lollipop already and performing well.

The only real spec bump is of course with the Qualcomm SnapDragon 810, the 8-core beast powering most flagships of today, clocked at 2Ghz and backed up by 3GB RAM. The Z4 is also slightly thinner at just 6.9mm. Other than that however, it’s the same as the Z3, and even the Z2, with the same 20MP Camera, 32GB Storage with microSD expansion etc etc. The battery however gets a slight drop in mAh to 2930mAh, however the 810 is known for handling power consumption well, especially on top of Sony’s own STAMINA mode and the new Lollipop enhancements.


Sony so far have stated the Xperia Z4 is only available in Japan and announced no plans as of yet for further expansion, which is worrying a lot of insiders. Not just because of it’s lacklustre availability and changes, but also how quiet the launch has been, even in Japan. This only continues to fuel the possibility that Sony could still be planning to leave the Smartphone business, messages from the current CEO certainly hold no confidence. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said in February that the firm had conceded the race for major smartphone profits to Apple and Samsung, and would focus on cameras, video games and entertainment, eek.

“The strategy starting from the next business year will be about generating profit and investing for growth,” Hirai said at the time. He added that he would not “rule out considering an exit strategy” on smartphones, according to Reuters.

Time will tell what Sony decide, but for now, this is the Z4, whether the all rumoured talked about Z5 happens is yet to be seen, but it’s sure not looking too promising.

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