HTC announce all new One M9+ with Quad HD Display

HTC One M9 Plus

Ever get the feeling you’re sounding like a broken record, yep HTC have announced yet another “+” variant for their HTC One family following the E9+ announcement, HTC have finally unveiled the “+” we were all waiting for, the HTC One M9+. But, before we continue with all praise and forte, we have to ask one incredibly obvious question, why wasn’t this the HTC One M9 in the first place? And, has HTC betrayed its user base?

OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but looking at the M9+, and going back to the E9+, this definitely looks like more of a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 line than the traditional One M9, it also looks mildly inspired with that shockingly familiar Finger-print scanner.


When HTC announced the E9+, which sadly will not come to us, we loved everything about it, minus the obsession with Gold, except the size choice of 5.5inch as that’s just a little bit too big considering HTC’s BoomSound speaker girth, as it were, but with the One M9+, HTC have toned it down to a more bearable 5.2 inch, just 0.1 inch bigger than the M9 itself.

Having said that, the reason the E9+ was bigger was due to the 2560 x 1440 display resolution, which does bare the question of whether you’ll actually tell there’s a 2K display over the 1080p panel on the M9, because let’s be fair, HTC have some incredible displays on their Smartphones.

The “smaller E9” stance continues when you get to the rest of the spec sheet too, the same MediaTek MT6795T Octa-Core Processor is in the M9 Plus as well, with the same 3GB of RAM, 2800mAh battery, Lollipop out of the box, however another change and a return is the Duo-Camera (for better or worse).


Just like the E9+ before it, we’re apparently not going to see the HTC One M9+ come to our shores, which is really pathetic and disappointing on HTC’s side. It would’ve been a no brainer for this to be released as the Plus variant to HTC’s flagship for the year, and really take on the competition, so this decision is really going to let fans down, and we’d expect HTC’s sales down, as we know a ton of would-be M9 owners were all waiting for the M9 Plus instead.


But, what do you think of the new HTC One M9+, and what do you think of HTC’s decision to not make it half as available as it should be? Let us know below;

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