Samsung Galaxy S6 bends just as easily as iPhone 6 Plus, where’s the #bendgate controversy now?

Galaxy S6 S6 Edge

This is nothing new, but whenever there’s a problem with an Apple device (or anything Apple), there’s a guarantee that the world will go crazy, wave the white flag and say the end is now. However, when another manufacturer faces that same problem or criticism, it’s suddenly not news, and everyone has their heads in the clouds.

Now, we’re no fanboys of either side, trust us on that one, but we do believe in fairness, and when it came to the launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the second Unbox Therapy (YouTube Channel) uploaded a widely questionable video showing the 6 Plus bending rather easy, criticism of Apple’s build quality was an under-statement at best, though I think it’s more than fair to say people were getting a big too exaggerated with their claims of it being that bendy.

But what happens when another high profile company’s successor, to what was the best performer in comparable tests, favours exactly the same, well that’s what it seems has happened with Samsung’s all new Galaxy S6, more so with the S6 Edge? This is the results of said tests on the identical level when tested versus the iPhone 6 Plus.

The main reason the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge favoured “worse” is due to the edging of the glass, meaning the second the phone bends even slightly, the display cracks. Whereas the Galaxy S6, which too still bends due to the nature of aluminium and glass materials, doesn’t suffer as much in the glass department, similar to the way the iPhone 6 Plus display was still useable after being bent.

Galaxy S6 BendGate

The bend test itself was done by warranty firm, so likely a more trusted source, Square Trade, who when running the bend test on Samsung’s latest flagship devices found they didn’t favour half as well as they once did with the Galaxy S5, in fact they found the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge matched the bendability, if you like, of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus which the world, still even today, mocks for bending.

Of course the key difference in all of this; it’s not Apple. It’s a crazy world we live in, we’ve reviewed the iPhone 6 (and shared it’s problems), dabbled with the iPhone 6 Plus, we all know they’re not gonna bend by any means with normal use, and neither is the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, but some level of perception really needs to be added before pointless criticism is aimed squarely at anything Apple do. Sure, Apple pin it on themselves, and do deserve it most of the time, but what we’re really getting at is, look, Samsung’s got the same “problem”, if you’d really call it that, and it’s just a not important of an issue as it was with the iPhone, but isn’t it interesting how quiet the world is about this.

But, of course the odd picture isn’t enough, Square Trade have of course provided a YouTube video themselves of the S6 and S6 Edge, which is available below;

Naturally, the video is teamed with dislikes, and comments have had to be removed as we all know how angry Android fans can be, especially Samsung fans who are very vocal, but we also know how smug iPhone fans can be, so best to settle both in one there.

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