Microsoft announce all-new, and might we say affordable, Surface 3

Microsoft today have made a surprise announcement today by announcing the all new Surface 3 Tablet. Microsoft were rumoured to release a successor to the Surface 2 Tablet, however, at their soon to come Build 2015 conference, though we expect a Surface Pro replacement still likely imminent.

Whilst the Surface 3 is the natural progression from the Surface 2, sharing it’s price and offered category, the more you dive in to the Surface 3, you’ll quickly see how not like the Surface 2 it really is.

Surface 3 Banner
All new Surface 3

Unlike the Surface 2, the Surface 3 is actually more closely resembled of the Surface Pro 3, which we’re ironically typing this on at this moment in time. One of the biggest, most noticeable, departures from Surface 2 to Surface 3 is the move from Windows RT to full Windows, in this case, 8.1 Pro. This means you’ve a more compact-sized version of the Surface Pro 3, something which we know a lot of people have been wanting since Microsoft chose to increase to 12 inch.

Like all Microsoft Surface devices, the Surface 3 will of course come with a multitude of Type Covers in many colours, and features the same incredible keyboard docking found in the Surface Pro 3. Whilst the Surface 3 doesn’t quite have the full friction of the Surface Pro 3 kickstand, it does have 3 very popular positions which for the Surface 3 is actually rather ideal.

Surface 3 PenProbably one of the biggest features of the Surface 3 over the Surface 2, is the inclusion of Pen input. Running full Windows 8.1, and with Microsoft’s recent collaborations to make Pen input as natural as possible on Artistic apps from Photoshop to beyond, the Surface 3 could be a real ideal choice for those artistic out there, especially when you remember, you’ve a full blown PC in there too! And yes, the Surface Pen now comes in 3 new colours, all of which work co-existent with the Surface Pro 3.

lte_logoWhen it comes to a Windows PC on the go, I honestly can’t ever recommend a Surface more, they offer so much in one device, and with the Surface Pro 3, we really think they nailed it for portability, but their was always that one missing feature everyone wanted for that extra level of portability and the Surface 3 debuts as the first Surface to have it, LTE.

Whilst Cellular variants of Tablets is nothing new, at all in fact, with the portability and uniqueness that the Surface 3 stands for, LTE really will is that last final check point to being that perfect portable Computer, and at not a bad expense.

  • 10.8″ 2:3 Touch Screen Display with 1920 x 1280
  • The Surface 3 smaller than the Surface Pro 3, but falls in the sweet spot between the old 10″ Surface design and the 12″ Surface Pro 3 keeping with the 2:3 aspect ratio at 10.8″ at 1920 x 1280.
  • Storage sizes of either 64GB or 128GB sizes with MicroSD Card Expansion. Depending on size configuration you’ll have 2GB or 4GB of RAM respectively.
  • Surface 3 is powered by a 1.6GHz Quad Core Intel Atom x7 Processor. (Which whilst may not sound like a lot, the latest Atom processors offer some very decent performance fit for Power efficiency, just what you need for Surface 3)
  • Up to 10 hours of Battery Life, up from the 9 expected from the Surface pro 3
  • Features (just like SP3) 1 full-sized USB 3.0, microSD Card Slot, microUSB Charging Port, Mini Display Port.
  • WiFi 802.11AC / Bluetooth 4.0LE
  • Dual front firing Dolby speakers
  • 3.5MP Front Camera + 8MP Rear
  • LTE Version available

Starts at;

£419 (Wi-Fi Only)
£499 (Wi-Fi plus LTE)

£419 = Surface 3 with 64GB Storage, 2GB RAM, WiFi Only

£499 = Surface 3 with 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM, WiFi Only

£499* = Surface 3 with 64GB Storage, 2GB RAM, WiFi plus LTE

£tbc = Surface 3 with 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM, WiFi plus LTE

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