Cortana rumoured to come cross platform! Where does that leave Windows Phone

Joe Belfiore showing off Cortana
Joe Belfiore showing off Cortana


We don’t normally report news from the rumour mill but we felt this deserved an exception.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has, let’s be fair, not had the smoothest of starts and has never really take off, but one thing that’s always set the platform appart has been it’s unique design and in built features.

However, with Windows 10, Microsoft is taking their mobile platform to a more traditional level in the UI department, in fact minus the Start screen it’s very iOS or Android like in terms of functionality, which we think is a massive problem for Microsofts mobile operating system.

Whether you look at it as a positive or a negative, Microsoft have always been cross platform, practically all their services are accessible on iOS or Android devices, something we were rather negative for when this applied to the Bing/MSN apps as well, whilst this is great to keep everyone on Microsoft services, it hardly leaves much appeal for Microsoft’s own operating systems. For example, Office for iPad was released far before the still upcoming Windows 10 version, things like this do make us question Microsoft’s priorities sometimes.

Now with the rumours that Microsoft could be bringing their Cortana virtual assistant to iOS or Android, we have to ask the question, where does this leave Windows Phone now?


Windows Phone already struggles to define itself against iOS or Android, especially in the on going struggle of apps, now with this it’s almost like Microsoft are committing suicide to their own mobile platform.

Whilst, I’ll be honest with you, we never actually use Cortana, it has so far been available only on Windows Phone, making it a selling point for the platform, with Windows 10 desktop and integration in to the new Project Sparten browser coming soon. How Microsoft will bring Cortana to iOS or Android has yet to be seen, the obvious choice would be to bring it in to the Bing app on those platforms, apps which aleady look very Google Now like.

Whilst we’re not going to turn around and say, due to this Windows Phone failure is guarenteed, because it’s most definitely not, what we are saying though is Windows Phone isn’t exactly a platform that can afford to not have that level of unique features to set it back from the crowd, but of course time will tell.

Windows 10 will be the telling point on whether Windows Phone has a future, as it goes without telling, this is Microsoft’s last chance, we’re expecting dependant on the success of the Windows 10 launch and new Phones released, will be the telling point of exclusivity disappearing entirely.

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