Google introduces Google Store, alongside new Chromebook Pixel 2

Google StorePreviously concealed, almost, inside of Google’s Play selection on their ‘’, Google have opened up their devices store as Google Store, and it’s actually really good.

Whilst the Google Store remains incredibly Nexus focused, it does of course house a number of Android Wear devices, but what the new Store does though is promote, without self promotion, why your next devices should be those running on Google’s latest software platforms.

It was unfortunate to see alongside the announcement and revamp to the Google Store, the departure of the LG Nexus 5, but other retailers do still have stock left, as we’re more than confident that gem of a device has life in it yet, especially for those not willing to own a device quite as large as the quite frankly huge Nexus 6.

There’s improvements too, most notably is the inclusion of “free delivery on all orders”, something we were rather displeased of when we last made orders on Google Play Devices, very welcome change there.

Google did have a bigger surprise up their sleeve with the launch of the new Google Store, as well as a Google Experience Store inside a PC World in London today, the new Chromebook Pixel (‘2’, if not explicitly mentioned).

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel 2015

Just like the original, the new Chromebook Pixel is really the opposite of cheap, but as a far as a premium Chromebook is concerned, it remains the only real option.

Just like the first one, it contains honestly pointless high specs for a Chromebook device, as well as the same high resolution 2560 x 1440 touchscreen panel.

One interesting inclusion in the new Chromebook Pixel brings us very quickly back to the recent MacBook Apple announced literally this week at their Apple Event, USB-C. The new Chromebook Pixel also uses USB-C for charging, however at a higher 60w charge, but also will house the same functionality of USB-C including the ability to use the USB-C port for almost anything from video out, charging obviously and more.

However, Google got it right, not only does the new Chromebook have two USB-C ports, meaning you can charge and still use a further peripheral, they’ve stuck to basics too, you’ll still find 2 USB ports on the Pixel, as well as the SD Card slot.

The new Chromebook will go on sale soon, for £799 for the base model, with configurations in size and Intel Core i typing. Do remember though, this is Chrome OS, hardly a processor intensive OS.

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