HTC announces the HTC One M9

HTC One M9

Alongside a VR handset we’re not going to talk about here, HTC today unveiled the successor to the HTC One M8, expectedly named the HTC One M9. Whilst we, like many were big fans of the HTC One M8, especially in terms of industrial design and software experience, we most certainly was not impressed with the whole Ultrapixel system, which is something HTC are sure will be fixed and rectified with the new M9.

As far as the design is concerned, the M9 keeps things as it was, to the point of which it’s almost hard to tell the difference between the M9 from the M8. Colour-wise and feel in the hand-wise, however, the M9 combines both the original HTC One and M8 together which is definitely a welcome improvement as the M8 kind of had a very slippery back.

One M9 Camera

Whilst yes the HTC One M9 obviously has the cream of the crop specs, thankfully sticking to 1080p for the display however, one of the biggest improvements users will notice instantly with the HTC One M9 is the Camera. Gone is the Ultrapixel 4 megapixel Camera … from the back at least, that Camera is now at the front, and in comes a more traditional 20 megapixel Camera and oh boy thank god. From the shots we’ve been seeing so far, the Camera is a leap-frog improvement over the M8 in Camera quality, and whilst it’s a shame HTC’s experiment never paid off, its so much better they’ve come to their sensors and simply packed a decent picture. OIS is not yet confirmed on the M9, but we’d like to say it will contain OIS simply as the M7 did.

HTC Sense 7

One of the biggest features coming with the HTC One M9, and eventually we’d expect to other HTCs, is Sense 7. Sense 7 running on top of Android 5 Lollipop is definitely a step in the right direction from HTC. The software is much less in your face, but is also much more useful. One of the instantly noticeable features is on the main Homescreen with the toggled options to view a pre-selected App sections around Work, Home etc, HTC also aggregates apps you may wish to Download out of the box. Whilst both of those features may be thought of as spamming, in many aspects their useful for new Android users.

HTC’s Sense 7 is also a lot more customisable, HTC are learning from the likes of Oppo and Cyanogen by including Theme packs, Iconography customisability and more. You can literally make your HTC Sense 7 look the way you wish it to with these levels of customisability which is incredible for Android die-hards, however maybe ignored by standard users.

Of course we’ll know more about the HTC One M9 upon it’s soon to be release, but for now that’s what we know about HTC’s new upcoming Flagship. Overall the M9 is a rather logical step forward rather than anything else, but it’s also a big upgrade in everything the One M8 fell short of, as in Camera and feel in the hand, so to us it’s a very welcome update. We’re also very positive that HTC stuck with 1080p and didn’t fall in the 2K trap to sacrifice battery life for a spec sheet. Probably the biggest thing, maybe just for us, that we love about the HTC One M9 which couldn’t be said about any HTC One, is the FINAL move of the Power/Lock button from the awkward top position, to the right side, hallelujah!

Well, that’s our first impressions of the HTC One M9, what do you think of the HTC One M9, let us know below;

  • SnapDragon 810 Octa-core 64-bit Processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 20MP 4K Camera, 4MP UltraPixel Front Camera
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • MicroSD Expansion
  • 5 inch 1080p (440ppi)
  • 2840mAh

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