Photos for Mac released for Developers, with Public Beta coming soon!

Photos for Mac and iOS

Today, Apple finally took the wraps of their Photos app for OS X Yosemite, after quite a long time waiting since their Worldwide Developers Conference where they announced the changes.

Whilst the program remains in “beta”, it runs smoothly and pretty well, even on our rather ageing iMac. The only real problem we have with it so far is iPhoto. Maybe not as much as on iOS, iPhoto still to us offers a better Photos solution, and we’re by far not fans of the whole idea of storing pictures through the pathetic default 5GB iCloud storage, aside from traditional 1,000 photos for free.

The app is far from special either. Whilst we understand the simplistic view of Photos on an iOS device, the editing tools are just enough for an on-the-go edit, on the Mac they just feel out of place. Whilst, yes, it is good to have just as easy editing tools on the Mac, it feels to us like there’s been no effort to make the Mac version even worth going to.

Photos for Mac will be replacing iPhoto for the foreseeable future, which yes will be a transitional period for some and hopefully it get’s better, but it’s also replacing Aperture and that’s where our real problems lie. Aperture is Apple’s professional Photo editing suite, and by replacing that with Photos, is Apple really going to do a Final Cut Pro X on us again by removing everything that was good about a program, then having to rush everything back later?

Ok, whilst we understand this may just be our opinion, their are many that praise the new Photos app, be nearly all of them more than Apple evangelists, the best way to view what you think is of course to try it yourself by heading to Apple’s Developer Website and downloading the latest seed (*currently registered only, public beta soon).


So, you’ve likely clicked that link, it’s opening and you’re reading this whilst you wait for the rather small application to download, but wait just one second. As we mentioned, the Photos app will be replacing both iPhoto and Aperture, but also will change the way iCloud manages your Photos by automatically assigning you to the new iCloud Photo Library, which sounds great, “Every photo you take on all your devices”, perfect.

But, the real problem with this is the transition of having none of your iCloud storage taken up by up to 1,000 Photos on your Photo Stream, to every one taking it up. Plus, if you’re like us and have multiple iOS devices using that storage for Backups and Application Storage, that pathetic 5GB is gone in seconds. But if you’re cool with that, then go ahead and see what you think, personally I’m using OneDrive as a backup, just in case.


If you hadn’t gathered yet, we’re not too impressed with Apple’s attempt at “re-inventing Photos” as they’d likely call it, but you maybe, or maybe you agree, we know what we think.

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