“Fanboy” – Why do we get so attached to personal preference?


Surprise, surprise, out pops a new device and in comes the war, and not just any war, the fanboy war, let the fanboys rage and argue … but why?! Why do people get so intensively connected with something as small as what device they pick over another, or even just simply prefer, what ever happened to sharing an opinion and that being that?

Well, we try to cover that very subject in this post talking about why people become/are fanboys of a single mindset, to how everything has generally just got out of control.


Whether you look at “iPhone vs Android” today, to the “Mac vs PC” era of the past, or even to non-technological choices, personal preference and “choice“, has always played a key role in the birth of “fans” getting, let’s just say, a little carried away.

Whenever we, the consumer, pick our favourite out of a variety of choices, whether that be a new Smartphone, a new band, a style of clothing, whatever it may be, that choice we do make not only becomes, but together creates, our own personal identity. The problem with that personal identity we gain, of course, is we not only become very proud of that identity, but we find ourselves protecting and defending it at all costs, and it’s that protection of our own identity, which I think may have gone, more than, a bit out of control.


The big issue in terms of the “Fanboy”, is of course that ‘one size fits all’ mentality we just touched on, and how it contrasts with the defence of our own personal taste with others. It doesn’t matter what you do, share your opinion with the world, before we know it, they’ve clashed. You somehow find yourself in a twisted string of conversation and debate over something as small as ‘how could you ever want that in Blue?’, conversations that let’s be fair, admit it, you look back on and think, what the hell even started this? Then, you realise, it was just someone just as bad as you for over expression of opinion.


The problem isn’t having a personal preference, the problem isn’t favouring something over the other, the problem is how we express our taste and views. We live in a, for better or worse, more than open world where no matter where you go, opinion and ‘say it as it is’ mentality is there for us all to see, whether it’s wanted or not. One of the biggest culprits which allows that is the internet’s privatisation and simple use of being anonymous online, because let’s be fair, no one would say half of what’s said online to your face.

Now, of course, the big argument against people being able to post comments, sign up for things anonymously is regarded back to the whole, openness of the world-wide-web, and the freedom of speech, and before you know it you’re preaching age-old laws to defend believes  decades, in some cases centuries, past.

Don’t get us wrong, freedom of speech is a value we much cherish, and make sure isn’t taken away from us by those governments which watch over us, but let’s be fair, we’re more than fuelling that argument of censorship, simply by our over inductive rage over things so small and in many cases unimportant. Freedom of speech keep us humans able to communicate serious matters of debate, those of which may require serious reconsideration, NOT for telling that dumb idiot off for purchasing the phone you don’t like … get where we’re getting at here, especially when you look at the bigger picture??


Probably the most annoying side of this whole argument of fanboyism, especially when it comes to targeting such problems, is the notion that a lot of it is actually intentionally just to annoy certain targeted individual, to dampen the spirits of those who favour and love the preferences they’ve made in their personal identity.

Trolling online is growing at a rapid pace, and for the traditional 40 year old virgins that do trolling, it is mainly to do just this, get a small level of satisfaction over the fact they may have annoyed someone to the point at which they question their decisions in their lives, lives at which that troll could only dream of possessing. … or was that a harsh definition?

But, it simply doesn’t just come from trolling, or even simply being rude, although the end results both end up being so. A lot of what causes a ‘fanboy’ is general attention seeking, that narcissist inside them, shouting out most of their views, practically as if they are law and undoubtedly the only view, which must be agreed above the rest.

Sure, a lot of it is pride that’s got a little out of control, but a lot of it comes down to pitiful cockiness. Anyone that wakes up searching for / thinking of something they know they don’t like, just to find that someone to hate on, are obviously doing it intentionally, which is where the troll mentality comes in, but in many cases a lot of it is mistaken identity.


As we’ve mentioned, we all have our own favourite things, all of which together make up our personal identity, which together insights our personal preference on a multitude of things in our lives.

A lot of times, you may get asked your preference of something, but ask someone else they disagree, the problem with that is not the fact you’ve a corresponding opinion, is how you handle or display your opinion which generally starts the war, and where the “fanboy” name even begins to come from.

No one wants to be a fanboy, it’s a term derived around the side of a one-sided argument, a closed level of personal preference based on no consideration of the alternatives. Whilst, I like many, love technology and view the choices I make as the obvious “right choice”, the key around that is that it’s the right choice “for me”, maybe not you!

We test devices from every platform over the course of many years, whether they’re running iOS, Android or Windows Phone, and try to review all of those in the most unbias way, but the fact has to be mentioned that none of those platforms are bad at all. You can’t buy a bad Smartphone, some could argue you can’t buy a bad piece of technology anymore and that our complaints that we make are petty and pathetic … because they actually are!


The funny thing about the fanboy argument is it’s 90%, might be a generous that stat but who’s counting, of the time is it starts as innocent advise. Someone may post in a forum innocently claiming their getting their first ‘whatever device’, or second device and do this with their current, they just want to know peoples experience with a device and maybe how a different choice could benefit them. This is perfectly fine, lets start with an example;

I’ve been using iPhones since the 4S, I love them but it’s time for me to broaden my horizon. I love the apps and find myself playing games. I’m intrugued by Windows Phone, but worried about Android in terms of security, and don’t know wha…

This is actually a quote from an actual post, obviously not name calling but we’ll generalise. This is a middle-aged woman who has had a Smartphone, not stereotyping but it was likely a very exciting moment when she got it all working by herself and is now confident enough to explore new horizons. Now, what would be the fair response to this? It’s clear a lot of untrue marketted rumours has reflected her thoughts on Android, and due to her “apps” request it wouldn’t be bias to say that likely wouldn’t be for her on Windows Phone, so we’d likely say check out some Android devices in Store and see which fits you, maybe something from Motorola as they are near to Stock and affordable if it ends up not for her.

However, this was posted (probably not the best place) in an Apple forum, who completely obliterated her for even considering leaving Apple’s precious platform, which in itself is wrong as she is entitled to her own opinion and choices and is being attacked for making one when she just wants advise. What should have happened is completely inpartial advise, obviously the best thing to do is to try them out in a Store, but don’t hamper someone for making a choice.

Of course this isn’t just in relation to Smartphones, it’s related to everything, it’s all brand perseption, and all we can do as a nation is hope for unity in people being able to make a choice and be respected for that choice ….. like that’s gonna happen!

If you’ve reached this point in this post then thanks for reading, I just hope it puts across the patheticness of the fanboys that are out there, and to prevent yourself from falling in to their very dangerous task. This was a rant worth making and hope we’ve put our point across.

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