Microsoft announces Lumia 532 and Lumia 535


Whilst Microsoft branded Lumia Smartphones have rolled out a hell of a lot slower than was previously predicted, heck there’s only been barely one, Microsoft have made their second branded Lumia announcement today with the Lumia 532 / 535. The bad news about the hardware is yes it’s even more low end to the fray, good news is it’s low end done right!

But, what about the Lumia 530?

Lumia 530 532 535
From left, Existing Nokia Lumia 530, with new Lumia 532 and 535


Priced at a crazy £20 over Christmas with Top Up, the Nokia Lumia 530 has actually been a very decent selling successor to the Nokia Lumia 520, mainly as it offers the same great value for money proposition which is perfect when paired with an operating system like Windows Phone.

Lumia 532

Lumia 532 – Click image to visit Microsoft’s Lumia 532 page

This is the Lumia 532, a device which we’re simply going to brand as the “should have been” for those Lumia 530s out there. Any criticism, other than the price obviously, regarding the Lumia 530 has been considered and applied where possible and that’s an awesome thing.

But, what has changed since the Lumia 530, well let’s take a look;

What’s gone

  • From on-screen to Capacitive: One thing you won’t find on the new Lumia 532 announced today in comparison with the Lumia 530 is on-screen buttons. Back are the hard fixed capacitive buttons, which we’re actually thankful for as software buttons we find hinder the experience on more occasions than not, but personal opinion is how that goes.

What’s arrived

  • RAM & Storage: Easily the most welcome change over the Lumia 530 is the double up on built in necessities. Whilst, yes we understand this is low-end, but we’re still happy to see the Lumia 532 get really what the 530 should have started with in terms of 1GB (from 512MB) of RAM and the higher 8GB (from 4GB) of internal but still expandable storage.
  • Front Camera: Whilst the rear remains a 5MP Camera of no real speciality, probably the least talked about changes between the Lumia 530 and 532 is that there’s now a front-facing Camera standard on even the lowest end Lumia’s now, which is very positive thing looking forward.
  • Battery: Battery is also where a welcome change has been made with the Lumia 532, whilst the change from 1430mAh to 1560mAh may not equate to much, no one will really complain about extra battery now will they?!


Whilst the Lumia 532 is hardly a massive change in relation to the Lumia 530, it ticks the annoying crosses we had with it from the get-go. If you’re wondering what else has changed, the answer to that is simple, nothing else has, the Lumia 532 really is a re-hash of the Lumia 530 but better!

Lumia 535

Lumia 535 - Click the image to visit Microsoft's Lumia 535 page
Lumia 535 – Click the image to visit Microsoft’s Lumia 535 page

Whilst the Lumia 532 takes the Lumia 530 up a notch, the Lumia 535 is something all new. If you were to take the experience found in the Lumia 532 and expand it to flagship size, that’s what you’re left with with the Lumia 535. The Lumia 535 also has a powerful 5MP Front-Facing Camera, which is perfect for Selfies, the rear Camera has the same 5MP Camera as the other 5xx series but with an LED Flash.

But, it’s important to remember this is a low end device. You’ll find the same 1.2GHz SnapDragon 200 Processor as all devices mentioned in this post, which whilst is Quad-Core, sure isn’t a power house by any means, so Casual use remains this devices limit.

Whilst it wasn’t by much, we are thankful we don’t have the 800 x 480 resolution found in the Lumia 532 on a 5 inch panel, but it’s still no where near premium at 960 x 540. Having said that, something rather ironic about that resolution is it’s 100 pixels to what Apple were calling the latest in “Retina” just a few year ago.


So, there you have it, Microsoft’s two new Windows Phone announcements for today. Whilst, of course this is a grain of sand in comparison to what we expect to hear from Microsoft’s upcoming event next week, welcome changes and a nice new device we got, although we’d still like to see a bit more flagship love from Microsoft Mobile, but we’re sure they’re saving that for the big Windows 10 launch.

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