Take That – III (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

Take That - III

Take That may now be less of a group, more a trio at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped the band making a whole new album, III, for us all to enjoy. The album sees the band turn away from their traditional sound and enter some entirely new, and some familiar, sounds with this album, all of which we’ll get straight in to right now!

 These Days

The album kicks off with that main Number 1 single to announce the return of Take That as they are now, These Days. These Days brings a more commercial sound to Take That, something that hasn’t really been evident since their original inception, but These Days is undoubtably a grower. Give it a couple of listens and you’re hooked, if that’s not the definition of pure pop then we don’t know what is. It’s catchy, get’s in your head, and it’s a feel good song, love it! Plus, the videos wacky too.

Tonight, we’re gonna live for, gonna live for, These Days

rating3 Let In The Sun

Let In The Sun almost sounds like it could have come from Mark Owen’s ‘The Art of Doing Nothing‘ with that similar beat and guitar sound, but the start of Gary’s vocals definitely confirm this is definitely Take That. Whilst the song has a relatively positive message and is sure catchy, following off what These Days began, the song generally just sounds very passable unfortunately. It’s one of those songs you’d definitely listen to in passing, but not intentionally, which is a shame this early in.

Let in the Sun, let in the sun

rating4.5 If You Want It

Alongside These Days, If You Want It was also premiered before the Albums debut so we’re rather familiar with the song, and what a song it is. If You Want It brings back that pure pop essence and takes it up a notch, I mean how can you not sing along to the intro to the chorus, it’s just that catchy

If you want it, come and get it. Come and get it, if you want it

Whilst the song does fall for a few 90s cheesy pop sounds and tricks through the song, it definitely doesn’t suffer for it, and who doesn’t like a bit of cheese now and then, a slight return of that “boyband” Take That era. Gary’s vocals are also sounding fantastic in the song, taking falsettos mixed with a funky rhythmictic sections, just complete the song.

rating4 Lovelife

When you’re part of a group and each member has their own style of song, this definitely is what we’d brand a “Mark” song, and that’s not just because he’s singing on it obviously. The folk-esc sound, added alongside the chant-able vocal arrangement and that familiar beat, keep it as pure as Shine, and continue that recognisable Mark sound.

The song itself is rather lacking in meaning and structure however, but does offer a very good up-beat song just to pump that down of a mood back up to eleven, and who’s going to complain about that!

If I die now before I wake up, ask myself did I give enough love
Looking in when you’re on the outside, ask yourself do you really love life


Portrait is a pure from the heart song, yes sung by Gary, the only problem with it is it’s more than a slow starter, but once it kicks in it actually becomes a rather decent song, reminding us of Gary’s solo single ‘Let Me Go’. The song is also similar to ‘Let Me Go’ in that whilst it has a lower message, it sounds rather positive which is always a good thing, especially unexpected for a Gary vocal.

Whilst Portrait is definitely not the best song on ‘III’, it at least has that sound to it that makes it a song you won’t always skip at least.

Take a portrait 25, let me hear you singing it out
Let me hear you singing it out

rating3.5 Higher Than Higher

Higher Than Higher, not to quote a future track on the album, is definitely one full of flaws. It’s easy to see that Higher Than Higher was attempted to be that perfect radio single, but unfortunately it just sounds very unnatural for Take That. The song isn’t bad, it’s just in comparison not great. Sure, after a few listens you’ll be backing singing the “Higher, higher than higher” parts, but that’s about it for the song sadly.

The lyrics do have a very up-beat feeling however, the chorus’ transitioning from “If you weren’t here”, to “Cos you are here” is definitely one nice touch we will give the song.

rating5 I Like It

I Like It kicks off with that incredible synth rift almost seems ripped off from Take That’s ‘Progress’ album, which is something we absolutely love. The song actually kicks in with a Howard-led vocalised verses and just sounds incredible, especially in the Gary-led middle 8s of the song to that awesome chorus. The song does remind us of a more synth built version of ‘Love Love’, mixed with almost a Scissor Sisters’ style, with the rhythm of the Synth, but is actually so much better of a song … if you couldn’t tell we love this song.

I don’t know what the people see, but I like it
I don’t know what the people give, but I’ll take it. I’ll take it

 Give You My Love

You know when a Dad tries to be cool and “hip”, we’re sorry to say that’s the feeling we’re getting from Give You My Love. The song is entirely sung by Howard, who you may know does a lot of DJ-ing across many Clubs, and there’s definitely RnB references within Give You My Love, but honestly it sounds like a Dad covering a Blue song unfortunately. It’s such a shame that easily the weakest song on ‘III’ is straight after one of it’s strengths, but that’s how it is.

rating2 Freeze

Freeze is a beautiful song, from the pleasant drummed verses surrounding someone in love with someone else, from the seriously beautiful vocal and lyrics of the chorus which all just come together completing a serious contender to being our favourite song on the whole album.

Freeze covers a metaphor of a moment that’s just going so perfect that you just never want it to end, and that if you could just freeze so that those moments never have to end.

We can stay here if you hold still
We can stay here for life if you say you will
We will be caught in a moment of time
If we all freeze…

 Into The Wild

Into The Wild in one sentence is Mark’s best ever song, yes we said it. The song has the familiar Mark references we spoke off earlier, but add that with the song structure of ‘Man’, then add that to one of the best sounding song on the album, honestly I wish I could put it so much better, but let’s just leave it with this, this IS the best song on ‘III’ in our opinion.

It’s almost like we go dance with desire, then we go playing with fire
Then we go into the wild again
In to the wild again


Flaws is an acoustic driven song that almost sounds familiar suited for the 2006 album ‘Beautiful World’. The song talks of a man who is with someone they love, but they don’t feel like they deserve the other one, just letting that other one know that whilst they have flaws, they will do their very best despite the fact that person deserves better. The song itself is actually a rather decent song, the score we gave it is likely due to it literally following the best song on the album, cause Flaws is definitely not a bad song.

I have so many, so many flaws
If you take me, you take me, their yours
If you stay tomorrow, I’ll give you it all
Take me, take me, I’m yours

 Get Ready For It

Get Ready For It is the second time we’ve heard a song and checked if we’re listening to a Mark Owen song from ‘The Art of Doing Nothing‘, then hear Gary’s vocals and realise otherwise. Get Ready For It is once again though, one of those songs you hear and just forget however unfortunately. The song isn’t terrible, in fact whilst it’s playing it’s really good, but it doesn’t have that special unique quality a song requires to be sang afterwards in your head. Maybe you disagree?

==The following three songs below are from the Deluxe Version of III==


Believe kicks off those extra songs you get for putting that extra buck in, but unfortunately it kicks it off with a rather average feel. Whilst Mark sings ‘Believe’ out, the song is yet another one of those songs that are rather forgettable unfortunately. It’s actually such a shame as the lyrics are beautiful, but maybe if the song was given that bit more time for production it could have been a real classic!

I can run if you are calling
I can fight if you are falling
I can break through every wall they build for me…


You know when you hear someone tell you this is going to be great, this is the best thing ever, then you check that thing out and it turns out to be the polar opposite … welcome to Amazing. Amazing sounds like it’s trying to return us to the 50s with an a-cappella sounding beginning, which then builds up slightly towards the end, but unfortunately it fails in both regards, joining the queue with ‘Give You My Love’ as being the joint worst songs on the album.

 Do It All For Love

Do It All For Love kicks off with an acoustic beginning, but thankfully doesn’t have the same ending as Amazing, well of course it doesn’t this is a Mark song. One thing we will say though is Do It All For Love is one of those songs you’ve to give a chance first, then it will grow on you and you’ll love it. Do It All For Love is actually the perfect ending song for the album, as it mixes the Acoustic low-sounding sound from parts of the album, then ends with that bang that a few songs have which make the album ‘III’ what it is.

The song itself talks of someone looking forward, as well as looking back and just seeing how things have been going, and in the end having that realisation that whilst struggles have taken place, we did them all for love and thank god we did.

==Album Summary==


– The album maybe called three (III), but thankfully it just tops that in our ratings out of five, however it certainly got there the hard way. Whilst the album has so much promise from the likes of ‘These Days’, ‘I Like It’ and ‘Into The Wild’, it’s so irratating that there’s songs like ‘Give You My Love’ and ‘Amazing’ that just take that energy and excitement right back down to the ground. BUT!!!! In all caps and boldness, there’s much more positives than negatives on III, so we’re gonna add a missing Jason, so to speak, to the scoring and make it a four out of five, or 8/10 if you must.

‘III’ is an album of influence, you get to hear the sounds of all three current members of Take That, which is actually a really good thing as it makes the album one that’s exciting to listen to. Sure it has it’s weak patches, but it’s certainly not an album to hold off purchasing, and certainly one deserving of that expectant number 1 position, which based on pre-orders alone it’ll reach.


III by Take That is out Monday 1st December, i.e tomorrow of this review, and let us tell you, we’ve been listening to songs from this album everyday this week and it’s a cracker of an album worthy of purchase. ‘III’ is available right here below right now;

iTunes (Download from 12am 1st December)

Play Music (Download from 12am 1st December)

Spotify available upon release

HMV available upon release

1 thought on “Take That – III (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

  1. I would agree with majority of the opinion here, but I honestly think Believe is beautiful. It sounds like something from The Art of Doing Nothing and coupled with the beautiful lyrics, Mark’s vocals and the upbeat and bouncy tune and the layering of harmonies from Gary and Howard especially when they come in for ‘tell me now if this is real’ before Mark takes control again is multi-layered complexity that sounds heavenly to me. It’s a firm favourite on the album and underrated I think! And Flaws, beautiful ballad.

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