Apple iPhone 6 First Impressions

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6

Here it is, it’s that time of the year again, it’s iPhone review time, this time we’re reviewing the one and only iPhone 6. And what an iPhone it is, we’re absolutely loving this iPhone 6 so let’s just get to what’s good, and sure maybe what’s not so good about the new iPhone 6 right now!

The Feel in the Hand

Easily one of the most talked about features of the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, is of course that incredibly thin chassis the device is crammed in to, which most certainly is one of it’s first pros. Whilst personally, we’re not massive fans of Apple’s continuous “thinner + lighter must equal better” stance, with the iPhone 6 they’ve really married the combination of thinner + lighter, with a really decent feel in the hands, which really is more important to the user. You can have a phone as thin as a piece of paper, but if it’s either flexing across the board or as sharp as a segregated knife, it’s pointless right? But, the curvature and roundness of the iPhone 6 just feels right in the hand. (More on the all-mighty false bendgate later on)


iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus Apple Event Pic
Gold iPhone 6 Plus (left) and iPhone 6

Whilst the display on the iPhone 6 Plus may finally abide to a standard, 1080p, when it comes to the iPhone 6, that usual “Retina display” standard continues with the iPhone 6 at an odd 1334 x 750 (326PPI). Despite the fact that’s likely, well it is, the lowest PPI of any flagship device to be released, and already released, this year, let’s just cut the rubbish for a second, can you seriously tell a difference?

We’ve covered multiple 1080p Smartphones, some running Android others on Windows Phone, and we’re now beginning to cover 2K display Smartphones, they all look just as sharp as hell, but let’s not forget, despite their crazy level PPI and over-done pixel ratio, they still look to the average Joe the same sharpness and clarity as an iPhone 4 onwards! The only real distinguishing differences lie with viewing angles and colour clarity, and sure whether it’s IPS or AMOLED. Anyway, now that’s over with, let’s return to saying the iPhone 6, like all Smartphones, has an incredible display.


Our trusty Elephant taken with iPhone 6.
Our trusty Elephant taken with iPhone 6.

Whilst the Camera on the iPhone 6 has been improved and is obviously better than the one found in the iPhone 5S, the Camera on the iPhone 5S could still today hold its own, and it’s the one feature of the iPhone 6 we’ve neither been amazed or disappointed about. It’s an iPhone Camera, every shot you take will be quick to take, and at a minimum a very decent shot. One feature of the iPhone 6 we do love is faze-detection, especially when it comes to Video Capture, even quicker focus on a Camera that’s already super fast, count us in!

One feature we thought we’d love but continue to kind of find just there for the sake of it, is Slo-mo, which is now at a massive 240fps. Whilst we don’t have any video to show this, YouTube is your friend and whilst there’s many settings that make it useful, we’re no big fans and find we never use it.

Performance and Specs

If there’s one thing we know is pointless is listing Apple specifications and basing them around Android and Windows Phone, just look at specifications! BUT, the biggest of BUTS, whether it’s side by side or just real world, the iPhone 6 totally speeds through iOS 8! Whether you throw an HD Video at it, a high quality Metal powered Game or literally anything else, the iPhone 6 has it covered.

Is it worth listing the Specs….

Battery Life

Battery Rating 4
Battery Rating 4

It’s an iPhone, don’t expect incredible Battery Life, expect the true definition of “adequate”. Having said that, the reason we didn’t give it an average statement though, is we’ve actually experienced some rather impressive Battery Life to be fair with the Week so far on the iPhone 6. Day starting at the AMs, few hours of music playback, playing some Games, 3 emails pulled down, social networking, at the end of the day we averaged around 20-30%, which for an iPhone is actually really good!

If you are experiencing less decent Battery life, here’s a few things we would suggest to help you on iOS:

  • LOCATION: Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Whilst you could completely turn off Location Services, apps wouldn’t benefit, so what we suggest is to basically Disable only apps you know really don’t require it, Twitter for example. In many cases, a new feature of iOS 8 allows you to select for Supported Apps “Whilst using” as an option in Location. This is really useful as it prevents apps using Battery in the background when not using that particular service.
  • BACKGROUND APP REFRESH: Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Whilst Background App Refresh has it’s advantage, some apps really take the bacon with how much they use this feature for no apparent reason, looking at you Facebook. What you can do, like with Location, is simply turn it completely off, or just select some apps you know won’t benefit from background services. Disabling Facebook on this list alone, would probably save you a ton of Battery alone.
  • WIFI/BLUETOOTH ON WHEN NOT NEEDED?: If you’re not using Continuity, or literally are out of Wi-Fi range, not using Bluetooth devices, turn Wi-Fi/Bluetooth off. You’ve got Control Centre, a simply swipe up and single tap could save you a ton of Battery Life. (Speaking of System settings, do know that if you have weak reception consistently, this can lower Battery too.)
  • SCREEN BRIGHTNESS: As obvious and self-explanatory as it sounds it’s true, people put their brightness way too high! If you’re experiencing less than adequate Battery Life, lower your Brightness less than half, maybe even around the quarter level. Disabling Auto-Brightness can also help.

iOS 8

iOS 8 iconiOS has come such a long way since it’s original inception, whilst you could argue clear advantages around the Android operating system, it’s clear to see that iOS 8 is easily the best iOS yet, and, in more or less, all aspects evens out it’s previous shortfalls. From third party keyboards, to Widgets in Notification Centre, Universal Share Sheets and more, it’s fair to say iOS 8 is easily the most complete iOS experience.


Easily the most annoying thing about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus since their announcement in September has been every single media outlet, desperate YouTuber, and anyone else trying to seep away some attention from Apple’s new jewel of a device! Does it bend, does it stain, does it explode in to a banner with an Arrow saying “they were right” … it’s all pretty darn pathetic. In this very short paragraph we’re going to just clear up the trap from the truth, so let’s get going.

  • BENDGATE = First of all the name itself is rather desperate. YouTuber ‘UnboxTheropy’ posted a video, likely to re-gain lost traction in viewings showing an iPhone 6 Plus bending almost unbelievably in his arms. Only problem was, not everyone online are that gullible. The time changed nearly a whole hour on the iPhone display through the 10 minute period he was apparently bending the device “live”, plus cutting away likely to show it’s a tad harder than you think to bend an iPhone, which btw it most certainly is. The only people that really bit to this laughable charade has been Android fanboys scared of attention outside their back yard, but everyone saw through it and of course the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue to sell like hot-cakes, and GapGate Note 4s are suddenly just as silly of an idea right?! BENDGATE TRUE OR FALSE: False, plus are you really that dumb to try?
  • Stain?: Another claim that’s been rolling around the Internet revolves around the White antenna lines surrounding the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which yes do look very HTC-like. Users were reporting, with no evidence surprisingly, that colouration from their Jeans were seeping on to the White antenna bands causing a blue tint across the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Whilst no evidence was required, all cheap Jeans that are coloured badly can lose colouration when either wet or endure friction. However, this wouldn’t be an iPhone fault as many Plastic Phones have been known to experience the same problem. STAINS TRUE OR FALSE: Possible. Get some Jeans over £2/$2.


Apple iPhone 6

Whilst, on one side, you could say the iPhone 6 is just a large 5S, it’s so much more. The device feels great in the hand so you want to use it more, and thanks to iOS 8 and the hardware + software experience, you do end up using it, AND thanks to the better battery life you can use it more. See, it all links together.


Finally a larger iPhone, but not too large, that’s the iPhone 6 Plus
TouchID is better than ever, accurate and even more useful with iOS 8
iOS 8: Custom Keyboards, Widgets in Notification Centre and more!
Super thin, but feels incredible in the hand
Improved Camera experience
A8 Processor means the iPhone has never felt so fast.


Whilst the Camera is great, could be better
TouchID could be used much more, but steps are been taken (Apple Pay for us now please?)
Wireless Charging solution would be nice for convenience.

Price (SIM Free)

£519 – 16GB
£599 – 64GB
£679 – 128GB

  –  The iPhone 6 is easily the best iPhone so far. We’ve had a few problems with everything after the iPhone 4, but we can finally return that rating to 5. From performance, hardware and software and more.

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