Google announces Nexus 6 by Motorola, Nexus 9 by HTC, all running on Android 5.0 Lollipop!

GoogleToday is a pretty big day for Google, despite no corresponding event, Google have finally took the wraps of three of the most anticipated announcements we’ve all been waiting for, the Nexus 6 and 9, as well as the all new Android 5.0 Lollipop they, and many future, Android devices will be running on!

Android L will be a 5.0 release, and called Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Yep, for the longest time we’ve been abbreviating the new UI overhauled update for Android devices Android L, and now no more, we know officially that the release will be known as 5.0 Lollipop. Aside from the very expected name, any more information is something we didn’t get unfortunately, but now we can finally stop calling it simply “L”.

Devices already confirmed to be running the upcoming release include ALL of Motorola’s new portfolio, Moto E, G, X, as well as of course the last few Nexus devices (4 and later), with more yet to be confirmed.

Nexus 6 by Motorola

Motorola Nexus 6

Yep, here it is, the new Moto X 2014 … sorry, I mean the new Nexus 6. Yep, the new Nexus 6 will of course be made by Motorola, and share more than a similar design language as Motorola’s latest flagship device.

The phone will be big however, very big,  if you’re willing to purchase a device rocking a massive 5.9 inch display then the Nexus 6 will be a brilliant device, but do remember that’s BIG, we’re talking 1520 size here! In our review we thought the Nexus 5 was pretty big, so personally we won’t be happy with the Nexus 6, but it does bare the question of what’s the point of the Nexus 6, when ALL of Motorola’s latest “Moto” devices have been confirmed to get 5.0 Lollipop, which previously was why you took the Nexus route!

What does the Nexus 6 offer, aside from the slightly larger display, over the Moto X 2014, well don’t expect Moto X style customisation as the Nexus 6 will only come in Midnight Blue and Cloud White, but as far as everything else, well let the specs do the talking;

  • 2.7GHz Quad-Core SnapDragon 805
  • 3GB RAM
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • 32GB or 64GB capacities (not expandable)
  • 5.99 inch Quad-HD (2K/UHD) 2560 x 1440 display
  • 13MP Camera with OIS (same as Moto X)
  • UPDATE: Qi Wireless Charging Support

Other than those, this literally is a bigger Moto X, but don’t expect Nexus style pricing, as the Nexus 6 will be priced at around $649 off contract …ouch that’s the most expensive Nexus device to date!

But, we must ask the question again, why not just purchase a Moto X 2014, it’s slightly smaller, cheaper, and offers unparalleled customisation, that’s the only thing we question about the Nexus 6.

Nexus 9 by HTC

Nexus 9 by HTC

If you were expecting the Nexus 9 to be the successor to the current Nexus 7, look away now, but if you were expecting an Android tablet with HTC class build quality, this is the Nexus 9. We’re not sure whether you could regard this as a Nexus 10 successor either, as this device is very in-between the 7 and 10 inch Nexus devices.

If you’ve learned anything about Nexus brand over the last year, you’ll know the Nexus 9 has a display size equal minus 0.1 to the name, so a 8.9 inch display. One thing about that display, which is very interesting, and we’ll be interested how Android people react to this, is the display is at 4:3 aspect ratio, with resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The 4:3 aspect ratio may seem like a downgrade for Android tablets, but let’s put this in to perspective here. The iPad has, and still retains a 4:3 aspect ratio, and Microsoft recently put a 2:3 aspect ratio to the Surface Pro 3, these simply are the best aspect ratios for a tablet device, something you’ll be holding in your hand, so we think it’s a massive step in the right direction, as of course is the 6,700mAh battery.

Other than that, you’ve a powerful NVidia Tegra K1 processor, which whilst Dual-Core, is 64-bit and based on NVidia’s own tablet, that processor has already proved itself as a power house. Another massive plus, being an HTC device, are the dual front-facing BoomSound speakers, which we can’t wait to check out!


Nexus 9 Keyboard Cover

Another plus HTC have brought to the Nexus 9 is part of it’s available accessories, this is the Keyboard Folio. Whilst the keyboard doesn’t offer much more than already available via third party Accessories, this accessory by HTC does offer a very nice official choice for those looking for a keyboard/cover double up.

The keyboard also has dedicated Emoji buttons, as well as a Search button as well. Being a 8.9 inch 4:3 display, the size of the display will of course mean the keyboard will be rather small but will still be useful. Interestingly the price of the keyboard accessory remains unknown.

  • NVidia K1 64-bit 2.3Ghz Dual Core Processor
  • 8.9 inch (2048 x 1536) 4:3
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB (not expandable)
  • LTE variant available at 32GB
  • 8MP Rear Camera  + 1.6MP 720p Camera
  • BoomSound Speakers

The Nexus 9 will be available soon starting at $399 USD.

Nexus Player Android TV Box

Nexus Player

Back at Google I/O, one of the many Android-esc releases was Android TV, and now Google have just announced their first Nexus Android TV device, simply known as the Nexus Player. For more information about what Android TV offers, check out our Google I/O post.

The Nexus Player looks shockingly familiar, based on Nokia’s recent Wireless Chargers and their own Miracast receiver, or more realistically the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger, but we won’t get at ASUS (who makes this device) or Google. Interestingly Google will also offer a Games Controller for the Nexus Player, meaning this could realistically be the first Android TV Game Console … kinda, to run any of the Android applications from Google Play.

From left to right: Nexus Player, Remote, optional Game Controller
From left to right: Nexus Player, Remote, optional Game Controller

Powering the Nexus Player is a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of Storage. The Nexus Player will be available shortly, November 3rd but available to pre-order October 17th, and priced at a very nice price of $99.


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