BLU announce Win JR – A low-cost, low end Windows Phone


We previously reported, some time back, that BLU would soon be entering the Windows Phone game with two devices, a high end device with vibrant colour options, and a low end device. Well, one of those devices has shown up today as the BLU Win JR, and it is indeed the low end Windows Phone device.

If you’re waiting to be wowed, you’ll be on an ever-lasting wait as the device will wow no one with what it offers. The Win JR is practically the same Specifications as the Moto E or the Lumia 530, so when we say it’s low end, we mean it’s low end!

What does low end translate to, well here’s the specifications;

  • 1.2GHz Quad-Core SnapDragon 200 Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 5MP Camera + VGA Front
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • Micro SD Card Slot, up to 32GB Only
  • HSPA+

So, it’s definitely not a wow device by any stretch, but let’s be fair it’s not meant to be, this is meant to be one of those Smartphones that can replace the “Dumb-Phones” out there, and for that we think it’s definitely a decent competitor.

We have to reiterate something we said back at Computex about this thing, which then was just a rumour, that is most certainly resembles the Lumia 710 in terms of design. Hands on available below;


One of the biggest things we must stress about this device though, is availability, it’s on sale NOW on Amazon US! BLU being a US based Company, it’s only natural they’ll launch on home soil first, but we’re hoping not just this, but that beautiful Windows Phone flagship we saw launches really soon in the UK and beyond.


$89 SIM Free – Amazon US



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