Dell announces a World First: UltraSharp 5K Resolution Monitor

Dell 5K Monitor

We’ve had quite a few exciting announcements so far at this years IFA 2014, but here’s one we certainly didn’t expect, a worlds first! Whilst the latest craze in TVs might be 4K, Dell obviously didn’t think that was quite enough for their monitors, so have announced this, their UltraSharp 5K Monitor!

Whilst this display maybe easy to quickly dismiss, it is at 27 inches, a size where 1080p just stops cutting it as enough for a wide customer audience, where pixels are visible and screen real estate simply isn’t enough. To fix this complaint, we’ve already seen 2K and 4K monitors, but this is a worlds first topping 5K! 5K translates to an insane 5120 x 2880 resolution … yeah, so it’s gonna be pretty darn clear of a display, and knowing Dell’s standard in display technology this thing is going to look the part too.

One of the biggest problems with this display, of course, is compatibility, something which already has caused a few frowned faces with the 4K monitors available. Apple, for example, only have one Mac, the Mac Pro, which is even capable of outputting to 4K, so what’s going to happen when you try throwing a 5K at it, this goes for a massive majority of PCs out their too! We’re not saying this monitor is bad, and it’s certainly got it’s place, but compatibility is a massive thing that needs clarifying, something Dell have yet to do.

It’s worth clearing up that, this is most certainly not a monitor the average consumer will be expected to purchase, and Dell themselves admitted to aiming it more to the Imaging professionals, generally content creation where you need literally as much real estate as possible, and where precision is key.


Aside from the obvious display on this monitor, it also has built in Harmon Kardon speakers, providing decent audio, although we’d still recommending sticking some speakers to do the job properly.

The display also can work as a very useful USB Hub, offering six USB 2 Ports, as well as a Media Card Reader, all of which are incredibly useful additions to any display, and perfect for the scenarios we recommended above, the Image professionals and content creators.


Dell say, the UltraSharp 5K Monitor, should be available some time in Q4 2014 through their website and selected channels, and will retail for around $2,499.99 USD, which may sound a lot, but it’s actually reasonably priced for what you are getting in the current market.

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