Microsoft announce Lumia 830, 730 / 735, Denim and more!

We’re at the point now we’re a Nokia logo will soon be not appropriate for a Lumia announcement, but for the time being where it is, we’ll keep it here.

Today Microsoft Devices (Nokia) announce two Smartphones, an affordable flagship, the Lumia 830, as well as the best Selfie phone according to Microsoft, the Lumia 730/735. But, they certainly didn’t stop there, also announced was new firmware ‘Lumia Denim’, as well as some rather interesting NFC accessories definitely worth checking out!

One thing we will say, before we kick things off, the presentation was expected to be presented by former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, but actually was presented (rather shoddily sorry) by Chris Weber, who is the CVP Mobile Devices at Microsoft. In fact, the only mention of Nokia times, was the brief mention of Jo Harlow, who managed the Lumia program at Nokia, who now also works at Microsoft.

Lumia 830

Lumia 830

Well, here it is, the all new Nokia Lumia 830, what Microsoft and Nokia are branding the first affordable flagship Smartphone!

FYI: Yes, we see the Flipboard tile too, and it has been confirmed by those who launched it, when they were asked not to, to be the real deal!

To be fair, it’s not hard to see where they get that claim from, the device looks strikingly similar to the actual Windows Phone 8.1 flagship, the Lumia 930, following that same aluminium sides and aesthetics as well, but bringing it down to an even more affordable price point, which considering how well priced the 930 is, is gonna be awesome!

Also, in relation to the 930, the Lumia 830 will come in the same colours, green, orange, white and dark grey, but with a difference, they are removable! Nokia will sell the back covers for the Lumia 830 for you to customise, as well as offering a Wireless Charging capable back, similar to what they did with the Lumia 820.

For those of you who don’t think this thing looks a lot like the Lumia 930, well here’s a side by side to prove it;

Lumia 930 (left), next to the new Lumia 830
Lumia 930 (left), next to the new Lumia 830

Lumia Denim

Regardless of design, the Lumia 830 is the first Smartphone that will launch with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 with the all new Lumia Denim update, which we will explain in points, one of which perfectly links to the Lumia 830.

Lumia Denim will launch ‘very soon’ for the Lumia 930, 1520 and ICON, be pre-installed on all devices on this page, and will launch soon for all Lumia devices on Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan.


The Camera at the back of the Lumia 830 is a 10MP PureView XEISS Optics Camera with OIS (thinnest ever OIS Camera), this is a great Camera, and continues that Lumia 930 packed down to a lower price point, but based on the performance we’ve seen from this Camera so far, you aren’t missing too much! Of course images from the Lumia 930 will be better, that’s just obvious, but the images you are getting from the Lumia 830 more than compete with the highest end ranges from Apple and Samsung, something Microsoft poked a little fun at in a comparison.

The Camera is also flush to the device, which considering that the device it’s flush to is also the thinnest and lightest Lumia yet, that’s a pretty awesome achievement.

As part of the Lumia Denim update, Nokia Camera gets even better, with the following new features;

  • 4K Video Capture (930/1520/ICON)
  • Easily Capture images from videos using a new ‘Edit Moments’ feature
  • New ‘Rich Capture’ mode allows you to Capture a Flash image and a non Flash image at the same time, BUT also allow you to interchange between the two, going even in to bridging the gap between the two to find that happy medium. Who needs HDR (High Dynamic Range) now?!
  • Alongside obvious OneDrive Photo Sharing, you will also be able to view all Storyteller content through a Web Browser.

Check out Rich Capture in action below;


Cortana didn’t get much in the way of demoed features, aside from the instant Skype call ability, other than the new ‘Hey Cortana’ hot command.

The interesting thing about the ‘Hey Cortana’ command is it actually will work when your device is completely idle, locked, something only the Motorola Moto X has been able to do until now! How this affects battery life however, would be our biggest concern.


We love Bing Weather, it’s a simple weather app that simply does the job, but thanks to Lumia Denim it gets even better thanks to Nokia Glance. Yep, as you’d guess, you will now be able to see the latest Weather through Glance.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 with Lumia Denim
  • 5 inch 720p Display
  • 1.2GHz SnapDragon 400 Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • LTE
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 10MP PureView Camera with 1080p Video Capture + 1MP Front Sensor
  • 9.8 mm thick, weighing just 150 grams
  • Removable 2220 mAh Battery offering Qi Wireless Charging Option
  • Dolby Recording Capabilities

Hands on provided by WPCentral;

Lumia 730 / 735

Lumia 730 735

If you like the sound of the Lumia 830, but aren’t too keen on the design of it, want a more old-school Lumia look, and wish it was even cheaper, well, the Lumia 730 / 735 is probably the device for you, set with all of those old Lumia touches and actually powered by the same internals as the Lumia 830, minus Camera.

Speaking of that Camera, the Lumia 730 features an odd sounding 6.7MP Rear Camera with Xeiss Optics and an LED Flash. It’s not PureView, but those Xeiss Optics will really help improve the Camera performance, even on the budget device this is, especially in relation to the 5MP performance of the Lumia 630, we think this could just edge to where we’d class as good enough.

The display is also identical, the same 720p resolution, however, as with the removal of the Camera button, this device also has on-screen navigation buttons rather than Capacitive on the Lumia 830. But, unlike what Microsoft have done with the Lumia 530 and 630/635, the on-screen buttons work more like they do on the M8 for Windows, in that they can be hidden by a swipe.

Performance as we mentioned is exactly the same as the Lumia 830, which is interesting, as let’s be fair, the Lumia 720 was a rather pointless device over-shadowed by the Lumia 620s compact design and same specifications, but now, the 730 almost seems like the better deal. Here’s the very similar specifications;

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 with Lumia Denim
  • 4.7 inch 720p Display
  • 1.2GHz SnapDragon 400 Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • LTE on Lumia 735, Dual SIM 3G on Lumia 730
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 6.7MP PureView Camera with 1080p Video Capture + 5MP Xeiss Optics Selfie Camera

Hands on with Lumia 730 here;

Lumia Selfie App

Unlike that Lumia 630 we mentioned, the Lumia 730 features a Front Facing Camera, and it’s quite the Camera too at 5 megapixels!

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking, doesn’t the HTC One M8 (Android & Windows Phone version) have a 5 megapixel Front Facer as well, even with the same Wide Angle Lens … well, kind of, but remember, the Lumia 730 is a budget device for an incredible price, and based on what we’ve seen so far, it eats the HTC for breakfast!

Whilst it’s perfect for Skype calls, at which Microsoft are even offering 3 month FREE unlimited Skype with the device, it’s better for the Selfie;

Microsoft have also launched a new app, the Lumia Selfie, which replaces the current Nokia Glam Me application. The Lumia Selfie app allows you to capture images much easier and better than the normal Camera experience, specified for the Front Facing Camera, plus once you have taken the image, you can make yourself look better using multiple filter and face enhancement tools.

The big new feature in the Lumia Selfie app is actually what is does for Rear Cameras. Should you own a device without a Front Facing Camera … you’ve likely scrolled past thinking this isn’t for you, but for the two of you who haven’t, this actually improves the Selfie experience for Rear Cameras too. When Capturing a Selfie using your Rear Camera, your phone will make a sound once you’re Centre aligned, allowing you to take a decent Selfie, likely with a better Camera than a traditional Front sensor anyway!

The app is actually available right now from the Windows Phone Store, link below;

Windows Phone Store

‘Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10’

Image: WPCentral

We quoted that title as that’s actually it’s real full name! Regardless, the Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10, which we’re going to abbreviate as HD-10 for now, is actually a think of marvel, what looks like a thicker version of the Wireless Charger that came with our Lumia 930, is actually a Screen Sharing tool that packs a punch!

As you can see the device offers HDMI connectivity to a TV, and is powered by a micro-USB, that’s it, that’s all you have on the device, but, what it does is pretty incredible. The HD-10 is actually a Wireless NFC Enabled Bluetooth 4.0LE Capable Miracast Receiver!

You can easily connect the HD-10 to a TV, then pair it either via NFC or Bluetooth 4.0 and use the ‘Share my Screen’ functionality in Windows Phone 8.1 on compatible Miracast Windows Phones.

But, to show off how to use the device, pictures tell a thousand words, but videos simply tell you straight, so here’s a demo from Microsoft.

2nd Gen Wireless Charging Plate DT-903

Microsoft also announced a new Wireless Charging Plate, which features a colour co-ordinated light surrounding the device. Whilst, we don’t see the light being useful, especially when the charger is next to you whilst you (try to) sleep, it does offer interesting functionality, such as actually warning you when your phone is running low on battery, as well as Notification reminders.

The charger retails for $59 USD, so rather affordable, and as you can see much thinner than any other Wireless Charger Nokia have produced, so that’s really impressive.

The device will be available in the same colour options as everything on this page, black, white, green and orange.

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