We’re dropping Bandcamp

BandCamp Failed Upload
Bandcamp ‘Upload Error’ message.

At RKUK Media, we have multiple music project we love to run, whether they be simply for entertainment purposes, or some for a more serious nature, plus even more we’ve been wanting to announce for quite some time. But, our provider of choice, Bandcamp, has been far from agreeing on the basis of a very simple thing, we can refer to in one word, working!

We’ve been trying to release the debut single of Damn Crows second album since March 2014, for example, as well as a new parody album coming soon from Kinkystars, all of which we’ve tried uploads and failed, but tried again weekly using different methods, formats, codec changes and more, all resulting in the same unassertive ‘upload error’ message, and today we’re finally announcing we will be parting from Bandcamp.


As far as choosing an alternate provider is concerned, that will be announced in the close future, all we have to announce right now is we will be removing our Bandcamp content currently available through our multiple Bandcamp profiles in the coming month, leading up to the announcement of our next partner for our music projects.


The debut single, and b-sides, for the next single by Damn Crows will become available as a free download on our Damn Crows page (/damncrows) in the next day or so (may even be already there).

The next parody album we mentioned briefly will be the first new single to debut through our yet to be announced new music partner, something we’re very excited about taking the wraps off.

As for the unannounced projects, well, they are going to remain, just that for now.

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