Computex 2014: Samsung & Intel – Both companies teaming up for lower cost 4K Solutions


As far as unexpected announcement partnerships go, they don’t get more strange than Intel and Samsung, but the result of the partnership could be something really awesome moving forward. One thing Intel and Samsung have in common is Windows, Intel makes processors and Samsung makes decent Windows hardware to run on said processors, but the big feature moving forward in the industry is 4K, which is all well and good until you look at the prices!

4K Monitors at unbelievable prices!

Whilst Samsung is one of the companies leading 4K TVs moving forward, also branded as UHD (Ultra High Definition), both companies are focusing on 4K monitors and actually doing something about the prices we’re currently at. Now, we’re not talking the pathetic unrealistic prices like those from Apple, we’re talking generic 4K monitors which you can pair up to your PC or Mac via the latest generation of HDMI, which already set you back way over £2,000, and that’s even for a low cost *value for money* monitors, an example of which, Dell’s 4K monitor at just 24 inches, retails for £1,740, which is insanely steep of a price tag! Companies, such as Dell in this example, are throwing in extras like ports on the display to make the price look slightly less ridiculous, but no matter how you look at it, it’s expensive!

But, today, Intel, in partnership with Samsung, announced that they will be working together to offer a 4K solution, which would result in 4K monitors at an unbelievable drop in price to around $399 USD!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and we’re thinking it too, they’re probably going to be dreadful and suck right? Well, according to both companies they most certainly won’t. The monitors will have full 60Hz refresh rates as well as supporting full 100% sRGB colour gamut, which if that’s true, awesome!

What we didn’t get however, was everything else. We don’t know how big these displays will be, or availability other than a rather bleak “this holiday selling season”, which until they said that, we didn’t even realise their was a selling season. What we will most definitely doing though, is watching this space, we can’t wait!

4K All-in-One PC at an unbelievable price!

In addition to the announcement of 4K displays at the incredible low price of just $399 USD, Intel, in partnership with Samsung, also announced that they would soon be debuting an All-in-One PC, also supporting a 4K, for the incredible price of just $999 USD!

That’s less than $1,000 USD for a 4K capable All-in-One full PC, that’s incredible, and would more than cut the price of currently selling 4K All-in-Ones in half, so we are definitely positive of this announcement as well!

But, you guessed it, no main availability has been announced, but what we do know is, this PC will, like the monitors, not suck and feel cheap, so once again we can’t wait to see theses devices, come this …. holiday selling season?!

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