Computex 2014: HP announce a wide range of new Chrome OS devices!

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Aside from HPs Windows based announcements at Computex, they’ve also announce a wide range of devices running on Google’s Chrome OS platform. At the event, HP announced some pretty slick looking notebooks, as well as a Chromebox and even an Android powered laptop, so everything to go there for Google people, but mainly Chrome OS hardware.

For those unaware of Chome OS, it’s essentially an Operating System by Google, which puts the power of the web front and centre, resulting in a good 90% of the Computer being powered by the web through Google’s own Chrome browser. Whilst Chrome OS is of course not for everyone, it is a perfect device for those who literally just live within a web browser, especially so for those using Google services … obviously.

HP 11 inch Chromebook

As we mentioned before, HP have announced new Windows devices, but it’s clear from the announcement today that they want to retain that number 1 position in the Computer market by also taking bets on two other platforms within it, and Chrome OS is where we find ourselves with this new Chromebook from HP.

Aside from using an Intel processor, HP have decided to opt to an ARM based processor from Samsung none the less, using their Exynos 5350 processor backed up with 2GB or RAM. Aside from that, HP have packed the device with a 11.6 inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution and 16GB of storage, which believe it or not is plenty for Chrome OS.

Battery wise, the Chromebook gets a promised 6 hours, but makes up for the battery averageness with the price of just $249 USD.

HP Chromebox Mini

It wasn’t just a Chrome OS laptop HP announced, but a Chromebox. Think of a Chromebox as a Mac Mini running Chrome OS. Unlike HPs other Chromebook announcements, the Chromebox Mini is actually very spread out in terms of specifications the user can add to the device.

Around the device itself you’ll find four USB 2 ports, HDMI out, DisplayPort out, audio out, SD card reader, Kensington lock as well as Gigabit Ethernet if you want things wired, but for the Wireless world the device offers 802.11N WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0LE.

The incredible thing about the HP Chromebox Mini is the price, like all Chrome OS devices it has an unbelievable price paired with it, but not many Chrome OS devices can boast what the Chromebox Mini kicks off at, which is just $200 USD for the base model with an Intel Celeron processor.

But, if you do want more power, HP do offer a variant, which will obviously be more expensive, with Intel’s Haswell Core i7 (i7-4600), but let’s be real right now, Chrome OS really doesn’t require a processor of that calibre.

HP SlateBook 14

Aside from the Chrome OS focused announcement, HP also announced the SlateBook 14, a very awesome looking 14 inch laptop which actually runs on Google’s Android platform, specifically 4.4 KitKat. Whilst using Android on a fully fledged fixed laptop environment gets us questioning the logistics and experience, what you are left with is a very stylish laptop capable of more than you might originally think.

The device will run on a slightly modified version of Android 4.4 and include HPs App Store as well as Google Play, and also include Nvidia TegraZone, built for apps fully optimised for Nvidia’s Tegra processor as, spoiler alert, this is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 4 Quad Core Processor. Spec wise, alongside the Tegra 4, the device will have 2GB of RAM, full HD 14 inch display as well a rather decent 9 hours of promised battery life. The device is expected to launch soon, with a price tag of around $399 USD.

Whilst the device will only come in one configuration, that black and yellow combination looks absolutely awesome so we can’t imagine many will complain over the design, what we would have questions over however, is using Android on a laptop, that will be the big test for this device.

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